Chinese app Vigo Video will be closed in India on October 31

China’s Internet-based startup ByteDance has decided to discontinue its short video-sharing platform Vigo Video in India on 31 October. The company decided to use its resources in other businesses. Bytedance said that Vigo video users should transfer their content to TikTok before 31 October. According to the report, there were nearly 4 million active users of Veego Video last month.

Vigo Video Users Transfer content to Tiktok
Company stated in its blog post that by 31 October 2020, Vigo Video will be shut down in India, with the company stating that it has already ceased operations in Brazil and the Middle-East. He further said that users can export their content on TikTok and continue their creativity with a smooth experience, this will give them a large user base and huge exposure.

In-app notifications will be passed on to the users
Vigo Video said that users of the platform will be notified about the app closure through in-app notifications, including downloading personal data and deleting the account completely. Detailed information about the video, personal information, chat history and favorite list will be given.

Unable to perform well in India India is the largest market for some apps by ByteDance. Although TikTok has more than 200 million users in India, Veego Video which was launched in 2017 has not performed so well in the country. According to the report, Veego Video had around 4 million monthly active users last month, while Veego Lite had 1.5 million users.

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