Facebook’s new design, with new features, Shopping will be on the WhatsApp -Instagram

The F8 developer conference that runs from 2 days of April (April 30 to May 1) of Facebook is running in the city of San Jose, California. During this conference, the company founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced several major announcements. While focusing on the user’s privacy, the company launched several such features, which enabled the user’s data to remain secure. During this, talk about bringing new features in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Wattsapp.

Facebook F8 Developer Conference Big Things

Facebook’s new design

During the conference, information about Facebook’s new design features was also shared. FB5 will get a new update on Facebook After updating when the user joins a group, it will get personalized news feeds, which will be known to his friends or close friends. These feeds will be different from your friends’ generalized feed. You will also get group interaction options when browsing Facebook.

New ‘Meet New Friends’ Feature

Facebook will get ‘Meet New Friends’ option. There will be unaware people who will be involved in school, college, institution or other categories. So you can easily find your friends or identities in it. In this option, the user will also find information about nearby events. The company will launch this feature early and it will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Facebook ‘dating’ feature

Facebook had offered this feature during the F8 conference last year, but now it is being launched in 14 countries. There will be a feature called ‘Secret Crush’. Here the user can make a secret list of his Facebook friends. Those who do not have a dating profile will also be able to use this feature. Anyone whose name will be added to this list, Facebook will send its information to the user.

Fast and Light Desktop Messenger

Facebook is launching Messenger for the desktop, which will be fast and light. The company will launch it for both Windows and MacOS this year. It will be able to send group messaging, video chat, GIF. It has started testing. The special thing is that you will be able to see the same video together with your friends at different locations.

Shopping Features on Whatsapp

The company has announced to add shopping feature on WhatsApp too. On this app, users will be able to add a catalog of products to the WhatsApp App Chat. WhatsApp users will also have the option to view catalogs of their business brands on Chat Chats. Here users will be able to select their favorite product. The company is testing this feature.

Shopping at Instagram

Many features will be added together on Instagram. Users will be able to make the Inspiring Look of Creators on this platform. When a creator taps the post, the user will know what the creator has worn. After which they will be able to buy the dress by clicking on the post. With this, there will also be an option to hide the likes found on the Instagram post.

Facebook’s Virtual Reality Headset

During the conference, Facebook also gave information on the sailing of its virtual reality headset Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. These two headsets will be sold in 22 countries from May 12.

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