Source code of Mitron app has been purchased in Rs 2500 from Pakistani Developer, the company has sold this code to about 277 people

The Mitron app, launched last month to compete TikTok, is now in controversy. According to the report, it was not made in India but was purchased from Qboxus, a Pakistani software developer company, while it is also being called rebranded version of TicTic app, which is made by this company. However, due to being called an app of Indian origin, it is being downloaded extensively. The founder of Qboxus says that he has sold the source code of the app to friends of the creator for $ 34 i.e. about Rs 2,500 and anyone can buy it.

277 people have bought the code so far

  • Irfan Sheikh, founder and CEO of TicTic app maker Qboxus, said that he sold the source code of the app to Mitron’s manufacturer for $ 34, or about Rs 2,500, and anyone can buy it. Sheikh further explained that his company sells source code, which allows buyers to customize the app. So far 277 users have purchased the source code of this app which is available on the CodeCayon platform.
  • He added, ‘From what the developer has done, there is no problem. He has paid for the script and used it, which is fine. But, the problem is with those who are calling it an Indian-made app, which is not completely true, as the developers have not made any changes to this app. ‘
  • After the matter came to the headlines, several information security researchers examined the API and code of both the apps, and it was found that the APIs of both the apps are the same which are being hosted from different servers. It is clear that Mitron, a native short video making app, has been developed using the source code of QBoxus. According to the team at QBoxus, their business model is to clone popular apps and make its source code available at a cheaper price. He also claimed that he cloned and sold 277 copies of TicTic’s source code. 

It was being claimed that a student of IIT Roorkee made it

  • The identity of the makers of Friends is still unconfirmed, although the report states that it was made by a student of IIT Roorkee. Friends app developer web page on Google Play leads to a website, which is a blank page.

App is full of problems

  • The app also does not have any kind of privacy policy, so those who are signing up for it and uploading their videos – have no idea what is being done with their data. If seen permissions sought by the app, these are many.
  • According to most reviews received by the app, the actual experience of this app is replete with bugs. The surprising thing is that users reporting bugs have also given the app a high rating in the review and the reason behind it is that the app is Indian. So, now that the app has been purchased from a Pakistani developer, it can definitely lead to a drop in ratings.
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