New Kai-OS version of Arogya Setu app launched, 50 million users of JioPhone will be able to download

A new Kai-OS version of the Arogya Setu app tracking Corona Infections has been launched. It has been specially made for JioPhone. JioPhone works on Kai-OS, which is completely different from Android and iOS. The new version will benefit 5 million users of JioPhone. The app has downloaded more than 10.19 crore users across the country so far. Downloading it has been made compulsory for government and private sector employees.

This app became mandatory for government and private sector employees

This app has been downloaded by 10.19 crore users so far. It will also be made available on other models of JioPhone in the next few days. The app was still available on both iOS and Android. Downloading it is now compulsory for government and private sector employees.

The app will be introduced for other models as well,
National E-Governance Section (NeGD) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abhishek Singh said, ‘The government’s effort is to ensure that everyone is safe. The government wants that this app should be with every person whose phone it can be installed. Singh said that now a version of this app has been launched for about five million users of a model of JioPhone. The app will also be introduced for other models in the next few days.

A version of Arogya Setu has been developed for Kai-OS.
He said that JioPhone runs on Kai-OS operating system, which is different from Android and iOS. Therefore we have developed the version of Arogya Setu for Kai-OS. It has been released today. They point out that NeGD has helped develop the Kai-OS version of the app. However, Reliance Jio has not yet responded to this.

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