None will be able to add you without your wish in the WhatsApp group, there will be the Group Invitation feature

No one will be able to add you to the WhatsApp Apps group without your consent. Now to add to the Whatsapp group, the user will have to take your permission and only after this can you get ed in the group. In fact, the beta version of WhatsApp App of iOSApps has been seen as a feature called ‘Group Invitation’. WABetaInfo, a website which tracks WhatsAppe features, has given this information in its report. According to this report, after the arrival of this feature, it will not be added to the group without the user’s permission.

Now in the development stage is the feature
According to the WABetaInfo report, the feature of Group Invitation is currently available for the beta user of the iOS app and no information is available about how long it will be issued to the common users. According to the report, these features are currently in the development stage. However, it is clear that similar features will also come to Android users.

You will decide who will add to the group
After the Group Invitation feature comes in Whatsapp, you will need to go to Whatsapp Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups to enable it. There will be three options – Everywhere, My Contact and Nobody. By selecting these options, you will be able to decide who can add you to the group. For example, if everybody selects, anybody can add to the group, but select Nobody, then no one will be able to ed.

This way your permission will be sought
After coming to the group invitation feature, if a user wants to add you to a group but is not able to add it, a notification will be sent to you. This notification will be requested to add to the group which you will be able to accept or reject within 72 hours. If you do accept, it will be edited in the group, but if you do the rejekt then you will not be able to add ed in the group.

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