Now Google Pay will also recharge Fastag account, company added UPI recharge option in app

Mobile payment service app Google Pay has added a new feature to the app to provide convenience to Fastag users. UPI recharge option has been added in the app, through which they will not only be able to easily recharge the Fastag account but also to avoid the inconvenience on toll. To recharge, the user has to link his Fastag account with Google Pay app. After which they will not only be able to make convenient recharges but can also track payment details.

Fastag is an electronic toll collection system

Fastag is an electronic toll collection system operated by the National Highway Authority of the Government of India. It works on radio frequency identification technology, through which toll tax can be paid non-stop at the toll point. It has been implemented for every vehicle since January 15. Till now the Government of India has issued 70 lakh Fastag cards.

Recharge Fastag with Google Pay app like this …

  • To recharge Fastag from Google Pay, first of all the two accounts have to be linked.
  • For this, opening the Google Pay app will have to search for Fastag category. We will meet within the Bill Payment section.
  • After that select Fastag recharge option and select the bank from which Fastag is issued.
  • After this, enter the vehicle number on the next screen, click on Payment with a bank account.
  • In this, users will also be able to see Fastag account balance.
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