Parties are misusing our platform before elections: Whatsapp

Surrounded by accusations of spreading the news, Whatsapp has claimed that before the Lok Sabha elections, political parties of India are misusing this platform. Social media platform warns that those who do this will be banned. Whatsapp’s communications chief Karl Wooge refused to reveal the names of political parties abusing while making this claim. Nor did it tell how misuse is happening.

Not using the Whatsapp appropriately

“The way many political parties are using Whatsapp like this should not be done,” said communications chief Karl Wooge, in conversation with reporters on Wednesday, “Whatsapp is being misused. We are working. ‘
“We have told the political parties firmly that Whatsapp is neither a broadcast platform nor a medium to send messages, we will close the accounts of automatic robotic behavior, even if it has any motive. Whatsapp is just for private communication. ‘

Elections in April-May, before it proposed amendment in IT law
It is to be mentioned that in the April and May of the Lok Sabha elections, elections will be held. The government has warned social media platforms that strict action will be taken to try to mislead the country’s election process. The Government has recently proposed to amend the Information Technology Act. Under this, tools will be set up to identify and prevent illegal content, online platforms and illegal content.

India can leave WhatsApp if new rules come
If the rules proposed by the government for social media companies doing business in India then there will be a threat to the present form of Whatsapp. Giving this information on Wednesday, a top executive of the company did not deny the possibility of the company leaving India. There are 20 million users of Whatsapp in India. It is the world’s largest market for the company. The company has a total of 1.5 billion users worldwide.

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