Social media: new updates roll out on Instagram, features like TikTok

Photo sharing app Instagram (Instagram), owned by social media giant Facebook, has rolled out a new Boomerang (Boomerang) stories feature for its users. With the new update, users will get support of many features. This feature is similar to TikTok. According to the report, Instagram has added SloMo, Echo and Duo effects to the Boomerang feature.

Apart from this, many options of video editing have been added to this Boomerang feature. With the help of these features, you will be able to trim the videos of the stories. To use the new modes, users have to swipe the boomerang after opening the camera in the app.

Will be able to edit the video
Users can shorten the video by editing their latest features. However, to use all these features one has to download the latest version of the app. Please tell here that users will be able to use the Boomerang feature in any video as before.

Be aware that Instagram has recently rolled out the Layout feature in which multiple photos can be presented by making a single story. In this, users will be able to combine 6 different photos together.

Company statement
The company has said in a statement, “With the help of Instagram camera you will be able to express yourself and share what you are thinking, feeling about your friends.

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