Telegram offers chat folders, channel stats, and the latest updates.

Telegram Messenger has hosted many new features with its latest updates. The updated version 6.0 brings two major upgrades featuring ‘chat experience’ and ‘channel performance monitoring’. The update is being released for both Android and iOS users. The company also specified that version 6.0 offers a new set of emojis and animations for video and voice-based messages. Telegram claims that the new features were moved to the de-clutter chat screen as users are spending more time on the app.

In the chat experience upgrade, Telegram has added a new feature that allows users to now organize chats in chat folders. The chat folder will also enable users to pin unlimited chats. Users can create multiple chat folders that can be accessed by swiping the app’s home screen. Telegram stated that it would enable users to “separate work-based and personal chats”.

To create a chat folder, users have to long-press the chat- option at the bottom of the screen. Select Edit Folder and then click on Create New Folder . There are also unread and personal options that automatically separate individual unread chats and personal chats.

In addition, Telegram has improved the archive chat option with the latest version on the app. Android users can now archive chat with a long-press, while on iOS, users can just swipe left to archive chat. The company has said that whenever they receive a new message a ‘silent chat’ will be stored forever and will not appear on the main screen. New chat features (except Secret Chat) have also been rolled out in the desktop app. “Thanks to the extra space available on your computer screen, we’ve added a folder sidebar – plus some icons to make your folders more recognizable,” the company said. Unfortunately, new chat features have not been added to the web version of Telegram Messenger.

Additionally, new emoji and animations were added to video and voice-based messages. The company said in its note, “Emojis has been launched specifically to encourage and please its users, which the world is facing COVID 19. “

Finally, in an update to the channel’s performance monitoring, Telegram has launched a new statistics-based facility for Telegram channels to carry more than 1000 subscribers. Through this, channel administrators can monitor the development and performance of the channel based on several parameters including language, new followers, views on posts, new conversations, notifications and more. An administrator can also view a graphical representation of the data for the desired duration, which can be used to further analyze overall channel performance.


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