The government has made an app that will allow husbands to track his wife, if a woman wants to leave the country, the passport will also be canceled.

People in Saudi Arabia are spying wives and daughters through app on smart phones. Through this, they are tracking them. People find out who their female members of their house are by using ‘Absher’ app on Google and Apple’s stores. If women use their passports at the airport, their information will be reached on their husband’s mobile. Whether male or female can stop women at the airport.

Since these apps exist on Google and Apple’s platforms, people have come to protest against these two companies. However, the app has been made in 2018 only on the request of the Saudi government. Since launch, this app has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play Store.

The first case of Absher App came in December

  • Actually, this app has created a problem for women wanting to leave the country against the will of men in Saudi Arabia. Because according to the law here, women have to get permission from the male members of the house to travel.
  • The case of Abbasar App in Saudi Arabia came to headlines in December 2018 when a young woman Shahad al-Mohamed was unable to revolt from the house. He was caught in the charge of stealing the phone of the family. Since this incident, people in the West have come out against this app in protest against this app.
  • Amnesty International even said that this app is endangering women’s freedom, so Google and Apple get it removed from their platform immediately. American Senator Ron Wyden also wrote letters to Apple CEO CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Cook said that they will solve it seriously.

Husband and wife can not check each other’s phone in Saudi Arabia

  • According to the new law made to prevent cyber crime in Saudi Arabia in April 2018, spouses can not check each other’s phone. It comes under the category of crime. For this crime, there can be a one-year jail sentence with a loss of 86 lakh rupees. In Saudi Arabia, 75% of the population uses social media.

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