YouTube starts testing short video making app, will get access to more licensed music than Tiktok

YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, has started testing its new mobile app Shorts. The company is testing it for both Android and iOS platforms. This app is being designed to make short videos. It is believed that users will be able to share and share a 15-second video from this app like TicTalk.

The developers of the app shared information related to it in April. On this YouTube app, the user will get access to more licensed music than Tiktok.

Will be able to record multiple clips
, Alphabet company of Google told in a post that with the help of this app, users will be able to record and upload direct multiple clips. If the video is less than 15 seconds long then it can be uploaded directly to the platform. However, if the length of the video is more than 15 seconds, then it has to be saved and uploaded in the phone gallery.

The company told about the testing, the
company said that the features of the app are limited with Android and iOS users. They are watching and uploading ‘Create a Video’ in the phone. However, it is not yet clear whether features like filters, effects, music will be available when making videos.

YouTube is currently offering a short video feature in YouTube Story. Called youtube reels. These users have been given access to upload short videos. The company launched this feature in 2017.

Facebook also
launched Callab app Facebook has also launched its short video entertainment app Callab (Collab). With this app, users can create music and short video clips. This Facebook app has just been launched for the beta version. The company is currently offering it with an invite-only option on the iOS platform.

The special thing is that you can record three different short videos simultaneously on the app and edit them to create one. From here, the director can also share this video on social media such as Facebook, Instagram. With this app Facebook wants to compete TicketTalk.

Popular in India is Tiktok
Tiktok started in China in 2016 and in 2018 it gained worldwide popularity. After this, its popularity continued to grow. The TicketLock app launched in 2019 has become quite popular in India. It had overtaken many big apps in terms of downloading. In 2019, it became the most downloaded app after WhatsApp on the Play Store. This app has been installed more than 100 crore times.

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