Zee5 Kids Launched with 4,000 Free Hours Content, Originals Announced

Following in the footsteps of Voot and Disney + Hotstar, streaming service Zee5 has launched a dedicated offering for children in Zee5 Kids, which will offer over 4,000 free hours of content across nine languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri. With most children stranded at home amid lockouts around the country, this is an opportune moment to launch a free-for-all family-oriented offering. Zee5 Kids will be running a mix of original and licensed content, with the latter featuring Lionsgate (John Wick, known for the Hunger Games at Adult Fair) and the animation outfit Cosmos Maya.

Among the originals,  Zee5 Kids has announced three upcoming ones: a series based on Gadget Guru, an animated film and a superhero character that will “take kids on their fun adventure trips”; About Guddu, a fun titanic lion and his circle of friends who fight the evil cat Billori and his gang in the “most sentimental way”; And Bapu, a light sitcom and educational series that will tell you about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and “his great works”.

Zee5 claims the Zee5 will be easier to use and child-friendly, although it has not announced the profile feature or any updated parental controls. Until now, Zee5 only allows parents to choose from a “complete ban” that is essentially useless, “13”, content intended for people over 13, or “18” Restricts not to turn parental control in the first place, which does not restrict anything and is not restricted.

Zee5 Kids Logo c Zee5 Kids Logo
Zee5 Kids Logo | Photo Credit: Zee5

Zee5 Kids will educate parents about content slates, features and safety precautions through blogs, stories, challenges, and tutorials. And it will host live chats with mental health experts, nutritionists and life coach on social media to advise parents to take care of their children.

In a prepared statement, Aparna Achrekar, Programming Head of Z55 said: “We are very excited to share our new offering, Zee5 Kids, a unique and smart confluence of entertainment for learning needs in a child safe environment Is designed to accomplish. The product is purposed to enhance children’s intellectual abilities in a fun way by providing Bespoke content ranging from nursery rhymes to shows, movies, reality and DIY shows in nine languages ​​and genres.

“The framework is securely curated using tools and exposure to unlimited information that children have with digital platforms these days. We are certain that through Zee5 Kids we will be able to develop the habit of #NonStopBachFUN [Non-Stop Bachpan, a term on childhood for Hindi] among audiences among demographics. “


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