10 most important step if you are going on a long journey by car, Or you will in big trouble

The Corona Crisis has led to repeated lockdowns in many places. In this situation, almost everything from offices to shops is closed. Even in such a situation, if you have to go out of the required work, then make full preparations as a precaution so that if the car breaks down in the middle of the way, then we can deal with the situation ourselves before seeking help from others. We have prepared a list of some such tools, which are very important to be in the car during the journey ….

1. Air Compressors

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Before leaving the house, the tire of the car came out by checking the pressure. However, if the tire gets punctured on the way, the air gets reduced or gets out, then it is very important to have an air compressor in your car. These days, company fitted tubeless tires are coming in most of the vehicles, which do not release air immediately if punctured. In such a situation, the tire can be resumed by filling the air again or reach a mechanic shop.

2. Tubeless Tire Puncture Kit

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This kit is very economical and is easily available online. If the car is punctured during the journey, then puncture of tubeless tires can be repaired in five to ten minutes. There will be no need for any expert for this. After repairing puncture, the journey can be started by filling air again with the air compressor placed in the car.

3. Jumper Cable

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The car has an old battery, which cannot be replaced due to lockdown, so as a precaution, keep a jumper cable in the car. If the battery turns off in the middle travel or if it is discharged due to any reason, the battery discharged can be restarted by applying a cable jumper to the battery of another car.

4. Spare tire (stepney) and jack

During a long journey, it would make sense to keep an extra tire (also commonly called stepney) in the car. Keep not only stepney but also other tools used in changing tires such as jacks and other tools in the car. So that the tire itself can be changed in times of trouble. Keep in mind that Stepney’s condition is also good.

5. Mini Fire Extinguisher

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It is also important to have a small fire extinguisher in terms of safety in the car. Many times a wiring malfunction causes a short circuit or a fire. In such a situation, if there is a fire extinguisher in the car, then it will be possible to avoid a big accident by overcoming the fire in time.

6. Emergency Triangle or Flashlight

Emergency triangles should be kept in the car during long journey. During a car breakdown, it is placed near the car to alert other vehicles on the way so that there is no accident. There are red reflectors in it, so that other vehicles get alerts from far away so that in time they reduce their speed and keep distance. At the same time, the flashlight is necessary so that if there is any defect in the car at night, it can be checked with the help of light.

7. Tow cable

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When the car breaks down and if it is not starting even after taking measures, then it is the last option to tow the car to the service center or garage. But for that it is necessary that you have a strong tow cable which will not break or it will spoil the work. So when going on a long drive, it is better to keep a good quality tow cable car.

8. Mini Tool Kit

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It is very important to have a mini tool kit in the car. Because the car stops during the journey and in such a situation, if you have to open any parts, then you do not have to depend on others. Does anyone know to help you out of fear of lockdown and corona?

9. Seat belt and window cutter

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It may be a small looking tool but it can save your life in trouble. Both these things would be combined in one device. It has a spiked part at the front so that the glass of the car can be broken easily in the emergency, while the rear has a sharpened blade so that the seat belt can be cut easily. It is important to have this tool in the car during a long journey because trouble does not come from speaking.

10. Wheel Chalk

It can also be seen as a safety tool. This will especially work when the car is climbing/landing on a sloping surface and stops suddenly. In such a time, instead of wasting time finding brick and stone around, immediately use wheel chalk so that the car does not roll down steeply on the slope.

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