Apple Unveils iOS 17.2 Update: New Features, Enhancements, and Journal App Debut

On December 11, Apple rolled out the highly-anticipated iOS 17.2 update, delivering a host of improvements, security fixes, and innovative features to iPhone users. The update introduces the long-awaited Journal app, spatial video capture capabilities, and various enhancements across the iPhone 15 Pro models. While bringing exciting additions, the release also sees the inclusion of Qi2 wireless charging support for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series. Let’s delve into the key highlights of this comprehensive iOS update.

The Journal App: A significant addition to iOS 17.2 is the Journal app, a health and wellness-focused tool unveiled at WWDC 2023. Users can now record daily activities and thoughts, securing their entries with Touch ID or Face ID. The app includes filters for easy navigation through bookmarked entries, scheduled reminders for writing, and iCloud sync for seamless access across devices.

Spatial Video Capture and Vision Pro Compatibility: With iOS 17.2, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users can capture spatial videos, enhancing the immersive content creation experience. These videos can be viewed in 3D using Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset, creating a new dimension of visual engagement.

Enhancements for iPhone 15 Pro Models: The update brings improved focus speed and accuracy to the telephoto sensors of iPhone 15 Pro models when capturing distant objects. The Action button gains a translate function, enabling users to swiftly translate phrases or engage in multilingual conversations.

Additional Features and Improvements: iOS 17.2 introduces a range of features and enhancements, including new Weather widgets, a Digital Clock widget, and a Favourite Songs Playlist in Apple Music. AirDrop sees improvements, and users can benefit from a new sticker option in the context menu. The Messages app receives updates, such as a catch-up button for navigating to the first unread message and Contact Key Verification for enhanced security.

Qi2 Wireless Charging and Siri Enhancements: Qi2 wireless charging support is extended to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series, expanding the convenience of wireless charging technology. Siri gains the ability to access data from the Health app using voice commands, offering a seamless integration of voice control into health-related activities.

Notable Omissions: Despite the wealth of features, two anticipated functionalities did not make it to the final iOS 17.2 release. The Apple Music collaborative playlists feature, enabling shared playlist management, and the AirPlay in hotel rooms feature are deferred to 2024, as communicated by Apple.

How to Update: To embrace these enhancements, users can navigate to Settings > General > Software Update on their iPhones, initiating the download and installation process. It’s advisable to connect the device to a power source during the update to ensure a smooth installation.

Conclusion: The iOS 17.2 update marks a significant stride for Apple, blending health-centric features, augmented reality advancements, and user-focused improvements. With a commitment to delivering a seamless and enriched user experience, Apple continues to refine its iOS ecosystem, setting the stage for future innovations and enhancements.


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