Fitness band will tell how happy you are!: Amazon Halo will find out by voice whether you are happy or sad, will also give information about body fat level

Amazon has introduced wristband ‘Halo’ on Thursday. This is slightly different from the fitness band present in the market. The new Halo wristbands are not only equipped with the simple tracking activity of the traditional band, but also find out how happy the user is. The level of open it is detected by the voice of the user. According to reports, this wristband, equipped with Amazon Halo, artificial intelligence technology tools and several advanced sensors, combines the collected data, and accordingly gives the user feedback about his physical and mental health.

“Despite the increase in digital health services and devices over the past decade, we did not see an improvement in the health of the American people,” said Dr. Moulik Mazmudar, Principal Medical Officer, Amazon Halo. So we are using Amazon’s deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide customers with a new way to discover, adopt and maintain personal well-being habits. “

Initially the band will be priced at Rs 5,790

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The company said that – Americans will get the first opportunity to use Amazon Halo. Halo is priced at $ 65 (about Rs 5,790), which includes a six-month membership of AI-powered analytics for a limited time. After the limited time period is over, the device will cost $ 99.99 (about Rs 7,350) and the monthly membership will cost $ 4 (about Rs 295).

Amazon Halo will challenge Apple Watch

Amazon Halo will compete with Apple Watch and Fitbit’s wearable device, which provides people with a variety of information, including activity level, sleep patterns, which are used to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

The band will also tell the body’s fat level

Pic: Amazon

According to Amazon, the ability to measure activity of Halo is very high, which can assess the level of body fat of the user with walking and running. The company said that the wristbands are equipped with microphones, with the help of which a tone feature has been designed to analyze the ‘positivity and energy’ in anyone’s voice, so that it can be found happy, sad, tired or excited. Can. Majmudar said- By this, the user will also get information about his stress level.

All the activities of the user will be safe

To protect privacy, the samples of the speech are analyzed on the user’s smartphone, which is in sync with the halo wristbands and then deleted after the process is completed. Users can also turn off the Halo microphone when it is not working. The company said that Amazon Halo will work with Apple and Android smartphones.

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