This Bluetooth speaker looks like a damaged robot in war, will be able to listen to songs for 30 hours

The Japanese company Gio has introduced the Bluetooth speaker Gravastar. The company has designed it in a very unique concept. It looks like a metallic spider robot and is decorated as if it were damaged in a battle. The speaker has a hand-painted zinc alloy shell with built-in LED lights that flash along with the song’s rhythm.

20 watt speaker
The 20 watt speaker is housed in a triangular support structure and is given a shock-absorber design, providing stabilized sound quality. The company is soon working on making it in different colors, materials and shapes. Different parts will have different functions.

Single charging will last 30 hours
This device comes with aux cable. It has USB Type C and USB 2.0 cable for charging and pairing. It provides Bluetooth connectivity to be used for gaming and music streaming. The two Gravatar speakers can be linked together for better stereo output. Once charged it will last up to 30 hours.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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