Realme Buds Air launched for Rs 3,999, first sale on 23 December

At the event on Tuesday, Realme also launched the company’s first Truly Wireless headphones with the X2 smartphone. It was launched in the Indian market as Reality Buds Air. Its cost is 3,999 rupees. It is available in three colors Yellow, Black and White. Its specialty is that despite the low price, it offers features like Apple AirPods. The company claims that it will get a total music playback time of up to 17 hours in single charging, although it also includes a backup of the charging case. To test its strength, it was tested by dropping 12 thousand times and plugging on and off 7 thousand times. It weighs just 4.2 grams.

Realme Buds Air weighs just 4.2 grams

  • Realme Buds Air offers better connectivity. As soon as the case is opened, it is connected to the compatible smartphone. It connects fast due to the R1 chipset present in it.
  • It has dual-channel transmission support, the company says that it also has a dedicated gaming mode.
  • It also has a USB Type-C port with wireless charging for charging.
  • The company claims that the single charging will get 17 hours of music playback time, although it also includes the extra backup provided by the charging case. Without extra charge, it will get three hours of music playback time.
  • Apart from this, it offers features such as auto connection support, in-air detection, two microphones, Google Assistant Integration and Touch Control.
  • It has Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. An earbud weighs just 4.2 grams. With the charging case, its total weight becomes 42.3 grams.
  • Like Apple AirPods, it also has touch support. Music can be played and paused by double tapping in it.
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