Realme’s first smart TV to be launched on May 25, blind sale begins; Company claims – 20% more brightness from other smart TVs in the segment

Chinese smartphone company Realme is now going to enter the TV segment. According to reports, the company will launch Bharat TV on May 25 as well as make its global debut in the segment. The company has released some details of this by releasing the Dedicated page. It will get a bezel-less design. According to the information given on the page, it will get 400 nits brightness, which will make it 20 percent brighter than the rest of the smart TVs in the segment. It will get four stereo speakers of 24 W, which will be seen for the first time in the segment. The company claims that it will get a 64 bit MediaTek processor, which will also be seen for the first time in this price segment.

TV booked before launch in blind sale

  • It will be launched on 25 May. The company has started its blind sale. It can be booked by visiting the official site. It can be booked in blind cell for two thousand rupees. This facility will be available from 18 to 24 May.
  • The remaining amount will have to be paid between May 25 and 31 after TV launch. The balance amount will be delivered as soon as it is received. The company will also provide some coupons, which will be sent to the user through mail.
Customers will be able to participate in blind sale by going to official side

20 percent brighter than average TV

This TV of Realme has used Croma Boost Picture Engine which will do better image processing. Realme claims that it will get 400 nits brightness, claiming that it will be 20 per cent brighter than other average TVs in this price segment.

64 bit-media tech processor will be available for the first time at this price

4 speakers with 24 W output

  • 64-bit MediaTek processors are being used in this smart TV, the company claims is being used in this segment for the first time. It will have a quad-core chipset, with Mali 470 MP3 GPU.
  • It will get four speakers with a 24 W sound output, which will support Dolby Sound. The company claims that this will also be seen in the segment for the first time.
  • According to reports, it will also get some kind of voice command integration, the information of which will be released on May 20. However, complete information about price and availability will be released on 25 May only.
Dolby Sound support will be available

Realme Watch will also be launched in the event

  • The company will also launch a smart watch with its first smart TV on 25 May. According to reports, it will get a 1.4-inch touchscreen color display and support for colorful straps.
  • It will track user activities 24/7 as well as work as a Health Assistant. In this, the camera and music of the phone can also be controlled.
  • The company will also host an online event in China on May 25, launching 8 new products. This includes smartphones, power banks and true wireless earbuds.
Will track user activities 24 hours
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