Redmi’s 10000 and 20000 mAh capacities two PowerBank will launch launches

Fast Charging facility not available in 10,000 MAH

  • PowerBank of 10,000 MAH capacities gets a type-A port option as two output USB port. Fast Charging is not available in both parts. It is rated 12.2W output.
  • It also has two input ports of 5V and 2.1A, which includes the option of the first Micro USB and another USB Type-C port, although both do not support fast charging.
  • Their dimension is 150.5 * 73.6 * 15.1 mm. The company says that there are nine types of protections in which there is low-voltage and reset function.

Separate in 20,000 mAh size and function

  • Powerbank of 20,000 MAH Capacity also has a port of 10 thousand MAH but it is slightly different in size and charging function.
  • It supports fast charging with 5V and 2A, 9V and 2.1A, and 12V and 1.5A input ratings. This 18W supports fast charging.
  • The company claims that with its help, the Redmi Note 7 (4000 mAh) 3.5 times, MI 9 (3300 mAh) 5.3 times, Radmi’s 20 (4000 mAh) 3.5 times and iPhone X (2658 mAh) 4.8 times. can go.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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