Robots vacuum cleaner is still weak in these works

Robot vacuum is not yet fully effective at work. Many times they also increase the work. Here we are talking about the work of these robots, which are still not entirely perfect in doing so.

Carpet cleaning
Robots work for empty floors but are weak in terms of carpet and rugs. It does not clean the basic vacuum cleaner easily. The dust in the carpet layers can not clear the dust. Pets are not able to remove hair.

Stuck in hiccups
Charging cable is a major obstacle in the safety session of the robot vacuum. Stocking on the ground also troubles it. Some robots do not even cross the rugs. If you want to work fast, then the clothes and cords on your own should be removed.

Funny move
The robot vacuum suddenly bends anywhere, rises above the waste kept on the floor, cleanses the same place repeatedly and hits the same thing repeatedly. It takes 20 minutes to clean the small part of the house. Cheap or expensive, it is compelled by the habit of wandering.

Spreads sticky things
When the ice cream fall on the floor or some sweets … it is decided to spread its entire area as soon as it comes in its grip. Its vacuum does not lift these things and the work increases. Before employing robots, it is necessary to see themselves that the molten chocolate, the children have not left anywhere on the ground.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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