Samsung releases ‘Hand Wash’ app for Corona, will track the user’s handwashing process; Will give feedback for cleaning

Samsung Research Institute-Bengaluru (SRI-B) has released the application ‘Hand Wash’. This app will track the user’s hand wash activity. Also, during hand wash, the correct process will also be major. The app will secure the user’s hand washing activity for 20 seconds. To help fight the Kovid-19 epidemic. On the occasion of the app release, the company said that the World Health Organization has asked to wash the hand wash thoroughly for 20 seconds to avoid Kovid-19. Now users will be able to track this thing with the help of the app.

Will give user feedback after 25 seconds

The app will track the user’s daily hand wash habit and activity. The user allows the app to perform daily hand wash activity, then it will give complete details during a period. When the user performs a hand wash, he will also give feedback after 25 seconds of every wash process.

The app will track hand wash like this

  • This app will work on Samsung’s smartwatch.
  • Users will be able to install this app from Samsung’s Galaxy Store.
  • The app has a 25 second timer, with 5 seconds of soap and 20 seconds of handwashing.
  • If the user makes a mistake in the schedule of the washing process in the wash basin, then the app will also notify. 
  • The face of the hand wash is also given in the app, in which the user can see the entire activity.
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