Samsung’s Bean-Shaped True Wireless Earphones to be Called Galaxy Budux: Report

Samsung has been in the true wireless earphones segment for some time now, but with active noise cancellation has always prevented a lack of truly feature-rich premium variants. However, this is set to change as Samsung is reportedly working on a new high-end true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation. Previously rumored to be called the Samsung Galaxy Buds Bean due to its bean-like shape, a new report suggests that the company’s upcoming true wireless earphones will be called the Samsung Galaxy BudX.

new report from Netherlands-based GalaxyClub states that Samsung has applied to register Galaxy BudsX as the product name. The same product is likely to be teased earlier this month, rumored to be called the Samsung Galaxy Bud Bean in reference to a bean-like shape. ‘Budsax’ definitely stands out as a catchy name between the two.

Another report by a South Korean publication states that the new true wireless earphones will cost KRW 1,70,000 (about Rs 10,600). Samsung’s South Korea pricing is generally lower than other markets, so pricing is likely to be much higher when launched in India and abroad.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + True Wireless Earphones are Rs. 13,990 in India, so the Galaxy Budsx may cost a little more than the price given as the latter will reportedly cancel active noise. Although the Samsung Galaxy Buds + is rated high for sound quality with both music and calls, the lack of active noise cancellation means that these are not a true competitor to the Apple AirPods Pro. With the Galaxy BudsX, Samsung will finally fit a product to compete in the premium true wireless earphones space.

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