The toilet seat will open automatically and the cover will be removed, the remote operated

Most of the things in this era of technology have become hitech The thing is that the house cleaning robot is vacuum cleaner or the smart device that works on the voice command. Now the house has also been connected to Smart Technology, its devices work by listening to you. In such a way, how can the toilet be missed behind? Now there are smart restrooms in the market. How do they work, what are the benefits of this, you also understand

Will soon become part of smart homes

  • Every smart toilet comes with a remote. There will also be a touch screen on some remote. Some come with the controller which can be mounted on the wall. These can set pressure and temperature of the water from the remote. These settings are saved in the Users Profile.
  • They know when you want to use them. The toilet seat opens automatically on the need and the cover is removed. You can do this even from the remote. These are automatically closed after use.
  • When entering the bathroom, the LED bulbs in them are automatic turned on. This feature is based on Ambient Lite. When it is dark, it starts automatically.
  • There is preloaded music in the Intelligent Toilet. Music starts playing automatically You can also change the tunes from the remote.
  • As soon as the toilet is used, the flush is turned on automatically. It also decides whether to run full flush or not, by estimating how much time you have spent on the seat.
  • The heated seat will feel comfortable. Its temperature is set from the remote. There are special features like Blower and Dryer for cold areas only. Hot air is thrown near toilets. It’s all automatic.
  • It takes care of self-cleaning itself. In 24 hours or at your appointed time, they start cleaning themselves with ultraviolet rays. The rays also clean the nozzle. After cleaning the ultraviolet, the water flushes on. There is also a manual cleaning option.
  • Some have a massage feature and are able to scan the ailments. Some have health indicators. These sugar levels transmit data to doctors. One model has the ability to measure urine flow.
  • Automatic flushing, washing and drawing mechanism save water and paper. Buying them is expensive, but it protects from many later expenses.
  • In the year 1964, the smart toilet started, when the American company gave its drawing and flushing facility.
  • In many smart toilets, you can also talk to Alexa and listen to the song and ask for the song as you wish.
  • In the condition of a powercut, they also provided emergency flush features.

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