Xiaomi launches Mi Electric toothbrush T100 priced at Rs 549, will last 30 days in a single charge

 Xiaomi has launched its Mi Electric toothbrush T100 in India. This is Xiaomi’s second electric toothbrush in the country. Earlier, the company has launched an electric toothbrush T300 priced at Rs 1299. The T100 model is significantly more economical than the previous model. Its price is 549 rupees. It is available for sale on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. Its shipping will start from July 15. It will get a single color option.

The electric brushes of Oral B and Colgate will compete
with two popular brands in the Indian market, Oral B and Colgate’s electric brushes, which are almost the same price as the Mi Electric toothbrush T100. The Oral B Crossation Battery Toothbrush is priced at Rs 359 and can be easily purchased from online and offline stores. At the same time, the price of Colgate 360 ​​Charcoal Battery Operated Toothbrush is Rs 599.

MI Electric Toothbrush T100 Features

  • The great feature of the Mi Electric toothbrush T100 is that it offers 30 days of battery life. As Xiaomi noted, it was prepared with the help of dentists. The electric toothbrush boasts ultra-soft bristles and low-noise design (low-noise operation at 60bB). Its bristles are 93 percent thinner than regular nylon brushes.
  • It also has fast charging support. It has an LED indicator, which informs the user about the battery status as well as the charging status. It has been given a sleek design and weighs just 46 grams. It is rated IPX7, meaning it can withstand splashes.
  • This new T100 model has two different cleaning modes – Standard Mode and a Gentle Mode. Apart from this, it has Dual-Pro Brush Mode and Equaline Auto Timer Mode. Xiaomi claims that they help in brushing teeth more efficiently. It comes with a timer to pause the toothbrush after every 30 seconds and a timer that turns off after two minutes, reminding them to spend the right amount of time in one area.
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