Xiaomi Smart Mask will collect real-time data of air with the help of sensors, it will also tell how long the mask is worn

Chinese tech company Xiaomi will soon launch its smart mask in the market. According to the Abacus website report, the company recently acquired a patent for smart masks. It is equipped with mask sensors and chip, it collects the data of the surrounding air in real-time. The sensor mask also records the time of wearing the mask, pollution count, breathing volume and breathe count. The most important thing is that by connecting it to the smartphone, you can also check the air quality index.

A patent was filed in June 2016
The US Patent and Trademark Office has given Xiaomi a patent for the smart mask, according to an Abex website report. The company filed an application for this in June 2016. Talking about its design, it has a pollutant filter and sensor, which also tells how long the user has worn the mask. Apart from this, the mask also tells how much the user breathed at a particular time.

It has a battery that powers the flitter
It has a built-in battery, which gives power to its standard air flitter. At the same time, sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope installed in it detect whether the user is moving while breathing. It also has a memory module, which saves the recorded data. At the same time, due to its connectivity module, the data saved in it can also be easily transferred to other devices.

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