5G: Smart Homes from Smart City, things will change your world

After the fifth generation of 5G means that the mobile network will be upgraded, not only would the Internet speed upgrade but also the next generation of technology will be started. Millions of devices will gather data in the 5G era and the transaction will continue to flow. From your fridge to security system, that means your phone will be connected to every device available in your house. Smart cities and driverless cars will also become reality. 5G network will be launched in India in 2020. Let us tell you how life will change after the 5G network comes in the country.

What is 5G?

At the intervals of a few years, the mobile industry upgrades and rebuilds mobile networks in a new ‘generation’ or ‘G’. 5G will be the upcoming LTE, the build coming after 4G, which will have 3 upgrades mainly.

  1. Network response will increase and the delay will be low.
  2. Long battery life will be available with low power consumption.
  3. There will be more data transfer on the fast-paced network.

After the 5G network arrives, the internet will increase 10 times more than the speed 4G. The most important thing for a common customer is that with every generation, it offers fast internet speed. We tell you how the mobile network has changed since the beginning …

1G network – 42.2mbps
2G Networks – 14.4mbps
3G network – 3.1mbps
3.5G network – 42.2mbps
4G network – 100mbps
4G / LTE Advanced – 1000mbps

With the arrival of 5G, the world of Tech will change in the same way that 4G had changed 10 years ago. Before 4G, using streaming news and video, navigation apps, and digital transactions was not as easy as it was now. Learn about those things which will make major changes in the technology case after the 5G arrival.


Smart cities:
After 5G, urban infrastructure like traffic, waste management and power supply can be found in cities. For example, the movement of pedestrians and vehicles will be monitored through sensors across the city. Doing this will help drive traffic lights and divert traffic.

Smart homes:
Smart homes equipped with 5G will help in managing the security system, power and water consumption. A smart home will automatically be ordered upon the end of the milk, you will be able to turn the lights on and off by staying out of the house. Apart from this, it will track information related to your health and call for help in case of emergency.

Self driving car:
After the arrival of 5G, the AI-component of the self-driving car will improve. Thousands of sensors in the car will gather more than the millions of data points around the clock, so that its computer can help in making accurate decisions related to driving. Real-time response of remote controlled vehicles such as drones will be better than the speed of the 5G network.

Health monitoring:
With 5G coming, things like smart clothes and health monitors can become reality. Sensors that are constantly connected to Health Devices, will give instant feedback about the disease and also help to develop their associated medicines.

‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) Devices:
Today most of the ‘Internet of Things’ technology today are standalone such as fitness monitors and security systems. After the 5G network arrives, IoT will be able to communicate with each other. Lifetime battery life low-cost sensor through 5G will also become a reality.
IoT will have office space, government departments, hospitals and applications for farming. The IoT industry hopes that by the year 2020, 50 billion devices will become active.

Virtual and Augmented Reality:
With the 5G arrival, mobile computing performance will improve. Apart from this, the experience associated with AR and VR will change. Due to ultra-high media, the way to see performance and events will also change.

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