A big change in Apple Maps, To Make on Google’s Maps

In the technology world, Google and Apple are considered to be opponents of each other. Where Apple is already topped in the world of hardware and smartphones, Google has an edge over the software sector. But when they beat each other, nobody can say. This time also, something similar happened with Google and Apple. Actually one of Google’s most popular apps, Google Maps has been hit hard by Apple Maps.

According to a post by Justin O’Beirne, a former employee working in Apple’s Maps division, Apple Maps now gives more information than Google Maps. It is more detailed. It not only gives information about the roads, but also provides information about the design and layout coverage of the buildings.

Justin also gave examples through some GIF images on the site. Comparing the new look of a particular area to Apple Maps, Justin said that in those areas where there was no greenery and look barren, they are now full of greenery and look more clear. Not only that, in the Apple Maps, small urban areas are now completely clean.

Apple is now making its Maps app more complicated. However, it may take some time to increase the scope of the area covered. At present, this app covers 3.1 percent of the area, but the Apple wants to increase it to 100 percent by 2019.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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