AI/car scanner that will tell in 3 seconds how much it will cost in dating-petting, it has 25 cameras

French company Vprove has designed a car scanner based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. This technology studies the exterior of the car and tells you what kind of problem is there in the car in just 3 seconds. The company has named it ProStation. This scanner has 25 cameras that take a total of 600 photos of the object, all of which together create a 360-degree image of the car.

The provision also shows the repair cost after scanning.

  1. The company reported that the ProviewStation is an automated drive-through bay machine that detects car damage such as tier-wear, dents, and scratches. For this whole process, the machine takes the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology. It not only detects the type of damage but also its repair cost.
  2. The use of this scanner not only provides accuracy in identifying damage but also reduces the inspection cost. Apart from this, its user-friendly dashboard offers other fully customized options including other services such as the potential price of repair, inspection comparison log, used car price, integration and KPI tracking, insurance reports.
  3. The company claims that this technology has an accuracy rate of 99% and reduces costs by up to 50% compared to conventional inspections. The company further stated that so far we have reached 40 Automated Inspection portals in 13 European countries, which will start in February-March.


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Sachin Gill

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