AI robots, which are made for petrol on the country’s border, will be able to make their own decisions.

For strengthening the Indian Border Security Forces, scientists are preparing such robots based on scientific intelligence based on Intelligence technology that will patronize India’s borders. These robots will be able to walk on any kind of roads, as well as changing weather also will not affect them.

80 working scientists and engineers

Image Credit: Danik Bhaskar

To make these robots, Defense PSU Bharat Electronic Limited (BEL) and Central Research Laboratory (CRL) scientists are working in Bangalore. Scientists started working on the first responder robot in December 2018. It is claimed that the robot will be fully prepared by December 2019.

BEL’s CMD Gautam says that Artificial Intelligence will change the way the work is done in important operations of Armed Forces, and also patrol the robot borders.

Gautam says that in the future, there will be a robotic war instead of a conventional war. On the border there will be robots who will be able to take self-disciplines. With the help of this technology, we will save the lives of our soldiers

Defense Production Secretary Ajay Kumar says that some other products based on AI with prototype model of robot will also be prepared by BEL this year. However, for now the force has not sent any special requirement to BEL.

Gautam said that Steve Jobs of Apple used to say that the user does not know what they want unless you tell them. Being a Research and Development Company, we are working on creating capabilities which can be used by the army in the future. This is our project.

Companies like IRBOT Corporation, Northrop Gurman Corporation, Mitsubishi, Thales Group, BAE Systems, General Dynamic Corporation, many big companies around the world are working on creating robots that will patrol security borders. At the same time, Korea is working on creating a different kind of robot, according to the report, Korea is making Inspire Robot from Avatar Movie.

Robot will be ready for trial by February 2020

  • BEL is trying to complete the work of building the robot by the first week of December. Then there will be an internal review of the robot. Scientists prepare for trial by February 2020 At present, more than 80 scientists and engineers from India are working to make this robot.
  • There will be many types of sensors in the BEL robot, as well as programming such that it can also be contacted in the control center in the event of danger. Creating a robot costs about 70 to 80 lakh rupees.
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