Amazon, Facebook third and Whatsapp are ranked 10th most trusted brand on the internet

E-commerce companies and social networking websites have been successful in joining the list of reliable brands on the internet even after growing issues of data leak and data privacy. According to a recently released report by Research Company TRA (Trust Research Advisory), e-commerce company Amazon is the most trusted brand in the internet, followed by Google and then Facebook.

According to Brand Trust Report 2019 of Data Analysis Company, 32 internet brands were included in the survey. While leaving Facebook’s proprietary instant messaging app company WhatsAppSpace, India’s messaging app hike made its way to the fourth position while Whatsapp was at 10th position.

The online service provider, the online service provider, was able to make its place at the fifth position in the Ooyo Room, while Ola, the Indian company booking online taxi, was ranked sixth on the list while Uber, a US-based online taxi booking company, Gained 14th place. The Indian company, PetyM, which provided online payment service, got 19th place, which is just above one place from its corporate company PayPal.

On the report, TRA CEO N Chandramauli said that many Indian Internet-based startup companies are ahead in their own category. It can be said that those brands who believe in profits and growth with confidence will be able to overtake their business.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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