Amazon will deliver luggage soon, 24 minutes in 30 minutes. Capable of distance

Veteran e-commerce company Amazon on Wednesday said that in a few months its new drone delivery service will start. The company was working on this for a long time. According to media reports Amazon will start this facility from July. Through its new drone delivery service, the company wants to address the problems of delivering goods in a traditional way. The company has given it a hybrid design, which will vertically take off and lading, its aerodynamic look makes it an ecclesiator more than a fixed wing drone.

Since 2013, the company working on this project

  • The company says that the new drones will use computer vision and machine learning techniques. Use of this technique will save the electricity and clothes drying in addition to people walking while driving the drones.
  • The company says this flower is electric, which will be capable of flying upto 24 km. It is capable of flying with the weight of 2.3 kg of luggage, which will deliver the goods in just 30 minutes. It will not only be fast but also will not harm the environment.
  • Amazon has been working on drone delivery for a long time. According to the report, the company started working on this technology in December 2013. At that time, the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos had said that in the next 5 years, the delivery of the drone delivery service would be started, but due to legal constraints, there was a lot of delay.
  • Still, the company needs to deal with many social and technological flaws that can be seen in such drones, such as fast sound and delivery in the rain. In India too, delivery company Jomato has acquired the Specialized Drone Centrifugal Startup Company, which will start its own service in the coming years.
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