Apple Offers 10% Bonus for Indian Customers Adding Funds to Apple ID

Apple is currently running a limited-time offer for its Indian customers, providing a 10% bonus to users who add funds directly from the App Store to their Apple ID. This special promotion allows users to enjoy extra value on their Apple ID balance, which can be used to purchase apps, subscribe to services like Apple TV+ and Apple Music, or increase iCloud storage. The bonus is automatically applied when the money is added to the Apple ID, making it a compelling opportunity for Apple users in India.

Seamless Access to Apple Services

An Apple ID serves as a gateway to a multitude of Apple services, offering seamless device integration. It enables access to various Apple services, including the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more, all through a single login. In addition to this convenience, the Apple ID securely stores user data, encompassing contact information, financial details, and security credentials. It is the central hub for managing email and password details across different Apple services.

Bonus Details

Under this offer, Apple users in India can enjoy a 10% bonus when adding funds to their Apple ID. For instance, adding Rs. 2,000 to your Apple ID will result in an additional Rs. 200 in bonus funds. Similarly, depositing Rs. 5,000 will grant a bonus of Rs. 500. These two specified deposit amounts are eligible for the bonus promotion.

How to Add Funds

To take advantage of this promotion, users can add funds to their Apple ID by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings on any Apple device.
  2. Navigate to your Name.
  3. Select Payment & Shipping.
  4. Choose Apple ID.
  5. Click on “Add Funds.”

Duration of the Offer

This limited-time bonus offer is available for Apple users in India until November 13, 2023. Each user can avail of the bonus once with their Apple ID. It’s worth noting that eligibility for this offer may vary based on individual account information and transaction history. Additional terms and conditions apply, as specified by Apple.

Foxconn’s Expansion in India

In other Apple-related news, Foxconn, the prominent Apple assembler, is set to increase the number of iPhone units assembled in India by 2024. Currently, up to 14% of global iPhone units are produced in India, and this figure is anticipated to rise to between 20% and 25% next year. This expansion coincides with a reduction in production in China, marking a strategic shift in Apple’s manufacturing operations.


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