Apple Watch Takes a Leap Forward with NFC-Integrated Bands: Says Recent Report

Apple seems to be ramping up its research and development efforts for its iconic Apple Watch. The tech giant has recently been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for an Apple Watch Band with an integrated near-field communication (NFC) module. According to a report by PatentlyApple, the module could mate or interact with a new NFC module on the Apple Watch body and match the color scheme of the user interface with the bands colorway.

Furthermore, the patent reportedly also covers a band identification system that allows for the unique identification of a band coupled with the main body of an Apple Watch. This system could utilize NFC components that allow the Apple Watch to identify and obtain information from a band without requiring a power source to be attached to the band. The system also allows for the Apple Watch to instantly sync features, color schemes, and open specific apps related to the band. For instance, when a swim band is matched, the Apple Watch could automatically turn on water protection features.

The NFC matching system will also reportedly prevent the use of third-party unauthorized bands, making the ecosystem more secure and reducing the risk of unwanted damage to the wearable device. Upon detection of an unauthorized band, the system may warn the user of such a breach, and also disable certain features of the device until the unauthorized band is disconnected.

It remains to be seen whether the reported NFC integration technology for Apple Watches and bands will be made available to consumers. Nevertheless, Apple’s patent is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovating and improve its products.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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