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Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 2.5-Gallon (ES2.5) - Eliminate Time for Hot Water - Shelf, Wall or Floor Mounted

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology


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excellent product. Here's my story review.I live in a mobile community, one college guy who can't buy a real house. Lived here for 25 years, one day the bathroom looks all wet on the floor, walls stained. The old waterheater sprung a leak and had to go. No floor pan was installed back in the old days so it seems *slaps head*. I shopped around for waterheaters but there were $300< starting price range. I decided to shop around and my main influence is comments (yes like this one) and youtube reviews. Found out tankless ones might save me money. Plus the initial cost was amazing I paid less than $250 for my 11kw EcoSmart unit. I use a drip/drain pan just in case it leaks somehow on the floor. I waited for this review to actually use it for 3 weeks now.I learned how to solder pipe (easy, fun, use lots of flux!!) to make some small 1/2" thread to 3/4" thread copper shortie pipes to adapt to the unit. I upgraded my circuit breaker to 60 amps dual pole (240v) from 40 amps. I was supposed to upgrade the wires to 8g but I did an infrared heat test on the current wires with hot water running and no heat problems, But I will upgrade the circuit to 8g when it's warmer out in the spring it's cold out now (winter 2011). Over all I'm super happy I bought this unit. It's perfect for one guy like me. It saved me a bundle over a regular water heater and install work (this unit was so small and so easy to install) and I'm happy to be participating in environmental/energy savings just by using this unit too. I did void the warranty by installing it myself, I'm kind of a self taught handy man, but I figure the whole unit only cost $250> so I could just buy a new one if anything goes wrong vs some novice electrican ruining stuff and I ended up paying the same amount anyway. If this brand ends up bad, i'll just switch brands. It's the darwin theory for appliances.But every review I've seen on this unit is that it is top notch quality, and when I got it I believe it also the thing is made Awesome, it has a digital dial for the temperature and it simple to install and use. I am so happy I went this route and the 11kw unit is perfect for my simple (one guy) purpose. What that really means is, one sink/shower at a time. At 120 degrees on the dial my showers are Insanely Hot and last forever. I had 3 people in here before (girlfriend and kid) and we all just respected the "showering" person by not using the water. Had to do that with our water heater before anyways. I live in the Seattle area.And MyRubberneck is a good seller too. I got my unit from UPS in about 6 days, the weekend interrupted the (3-5) delivery by a day. That's fine i'm not upset about that though. He saved me about $30 over Sears and their promise was two week delivery for online purchases (ya go check Sears). He sent it in the raw unit box, I kind of wished it had a cardboard sleeve or even a grocery bag sleeve, or bigger box for it. but the box was intact.The Benefits: endless hot water, power bill savings, no more tank pressure/old leaks etc.The Cons: my only complaint is that the warranty is nullified if you install it without a licensed electrician. Oh well. And also the documentation does not say which wire is power, neutral, or ground. The colors were Red, blue, and yellow/green. Ya I figured it out (red+, blue-, and yellow/grn=ground), but dang shouldn't documentation HAVE THAT in there? Maybe it was designed for licensed electricians only. LOL.*Also, an important factor. The water heat temp consistency directly depends on the temperature of the "ground" water coming into the unit. sometimes my shower temperatures got hot or cold (only slightly) but I'm sure it was "cold water sandwiches" but from the ground water temps, especially in winter. The unit is probably taxed to adjust to your preffered temp. Think about that in a "thermal" way. I think if you had a buffer tank or something say (a turned off small water tank 20-30gallons) that had a constant temperature before the unit heated it up then showers would be no problem. My water heater room is totally empty now sans the EcoSmart unit in there, I could put in a buffer tank easy. Or a more powerful EcoSmart unit might make this a non issue. My work around though...just turn up or down the shower dial accordingly, not that big of a deal to me.I give this thing 5 stars!! I get the feeling the big water heater, or power companies don't want people to get their hands on these types of new technologies. It was SUPER hard to find any in the stores that weren't in the thousand dollar range, this was a 1/4 that price. And this had THE BEST reviews from the internet I researched for 10 hours straight, ya I'm a nerd. When I get a real house I will probably buy the EcoSmart 27kw model. I love this unit very much. Take care.~TZ
Just buy it! It’s plenty for your home. Listen I read hundreds of reviews on tons of tankless hot water heaters. This one was the most price friendly but also had the best ratio of good reviews. (We also live in the south so up north I’m not sure if it would be the same due to ground water temps)It was easy to install. Our old hot water heater wires hooked right up to this new one and we used the same breaker, we just needed $10 worth of new fittings to make our old hoses from our old tank hot water heater fit this new tankless one. We ran our sinks and shower full blast and it had no issues heating. Only thing we noticed was obviously a little less water pressure but our house has pretty low pressure in general. It’s old. Also this thing takes up NO space. The only thing I wish is that we could of hooked ours up closer to our bathroom because ours is located in our outside garage on the other side of our house so we still have to let the shower run for 20/30 seconds to let the room temp water get out of the pipes between the water heater and the shower. This is only the first day we’ve used it. But if anything changes I’ll update. Also I read the manual a million times and stressed about it and it honestly took 10 minutes of work. Getting the hoses off the old one took longer than anything. But our wires and breaker were already correct so we didn’t have to change anything out which saves time. One thing I did notice that I didn’t see In any reviews was when we first used the hot water (after purging the lines of course-without it powered on just like the manual said-) it made kind of a loud hum or similar of a dull shop vac sound) only when we had the hot water running in the house. But after a few minuets it stopped and we haven’t heard it since so maybe it was a start up thing.
ECO 11 works great here in South FL. I installed my EcoSmart ECO 11 on September 12. The basic installation was fairly easy. Running the 6 gauge wire, not so much. I got it done, correctly and up to code, but a major pain. Would hire an electrician if I had to do it again.Many have said they had trouble with leaks when connecting to the unit itself. My guess is that those folks failed to use the included washers. Not surprising since I saw noting in the instructions and only found out about them on the third or fourth YouTube video I watched. The washers are located inside the red and blue protector caps on the input and outputs of the unit. If you didn't check, they probably got tossed out without realizing it. THEY ARE NECESSSARY. DON'T THROW THEM OUT.Since the input and output on ECO11, (and the ECO 8), are 1/2 inch and most water connections are 3/4 in, you will need to add an adapter to both in and out. Don't make my mistake and buy brass. Most brass, while easier to find, is not allowed for 'potable' water connections. I had to return mine and get stainless steel. Minor inconvenience, but avoidable.I found that the easiest connection method for me was to use steel wrapped washing machine hoses. pipe would probably have worked, but have never used it before. I did install the 3M Aqua-Pur filter. Easiest for me was at the cold water input just before attaching the washing machine hose. Bought, but did not use, the isolating valves. Tried, but had too many leaks and got frustrated. Since I live alone, I figured I'd only need to flush the tank once a year and will simply disconnect the washer hoses and utilize another set for the flushing procedure. Be a good time to check for any wear on the original hoses. I'm in South Florida, so the incoming water is quite warm. Not like where I grew up in northern New York. The unit works great and will the thermostat goes to 140 degrees, water temp reached 143 degrees when tested at the kitchen faucet. That being said, I keep the thermostat set at 104 degrees. That, for me. is a perfect shower temperature. Just turn the hot water on all the way and once it there, no need to adjust. Why heat water to 120 degrees then add cold water? Not cost effective. My dishwasher has its own built in heater so no worries there. If you do need hotter water for any reason, it's very easy to simply turn up the thermostat and then back down when you're done.
Requires 60 amp breaker 6 gage wire. Installed as directed, and so far is working fine for shower.
Funciona perfectamente, el agua caliente comienza a salir en menos de 1 minuto.En casa la distancia entre el calentador y la regadera mas lejana, está a aproximadamente 15 metros. Al abrir la llave de la regadera, en aproximadamente 1 minuto comienza a salir agua caliente. Una vez alcanzada la temperatura, se mantiene totalmente estable. Es sorprendente que un aparato de estas dimensiones proporcione tanta agua caliente en tan poco tiempo, y con tan buen flujo, pues la regadera que menciono es tipo ducha, no es una regadera "ahorradora", y caliente perfectamente.Ahora bien, todo esta maravilla viene con un precio, y es el consumo eléctrico.Lo tengo configurado a 35ºC y puedo medir el consumo energético de toda mi red eléctrica. Un baño de 15 minutos consume aproximadamente 1.5 KWh. Si consideras que en México, una casa promedio consume entre 5 y 7 KWh diarios, el consumo de éste calentador es enorme. Estos datos son para finales de febrero, en Guadalajara, Jalisco, en donde la temperatura del agua que se recibe del SIAPA es de alrededor de 20ºC. En tiempos mas fríos el gasto energético consumirá mucho más, en tiempos más cálidos bajará el consumo eléctrico.Necesitas considerar cuidadosamente si esto es una opción para ti, puesto que, dicho en pocas palabras, instalar este calentador en una casa o departamento implica casi en automático pasar a la tarifa DAC (Doméstica de Alto Consumo) de C.F.E. (Estoy en México). De manera que la decisión de compra debe ser respaldad contra lo que actualmente consumes de electricidad.Como guía muy básica te puedo comentar que si tu familia es de 4 integrantes, y usas agua caliente esporádicamente para lavavajillas, lavadora, etc, este calentador fácilmente te consumirá entre 8 y 9 KWh diarios.Yo tengo paneles fotovoltaicos, calculados precisamente para este tipo de consumos, de manera que este calentador es solar, indirectamente, pero solar, sin embargo, instalar un calentador solar de agua propiamente (de esos de tubos de vidrio al vacío) es mucho, muchísimo más económico.Otra cosa a considerar: Necesitas una instalación eléctrica a 220V. y en tu centro de carga requires un breaker de 60 Amperes. Considerando que en muchas casas, el breaker principal de la casa no pasa de 50 Amperes, necesitarás considerar que es probable que necesites actualizar tu centro de carga, tu breaker principal, en resumen... NO es para cualquier casa.Ahora bien, la tecnología que ofrece este calentador, la automodulación es realmente efectiva, no veo bajones repentinos de la intensidad de la luz mientras está en uso, pero definitivamente, el consumo eléctrico es enorme, fácilmente se va a los 50 Amperes en los primeros 30 segundos para lograr calentar el agua rápidamente, una vez que alcanza la temperatura, tiende a bajar el consumo un poco, pero siendo de paso, mientras tengas la llave abierta, el calentador sigue activo, lo cual, por un lado te da agua caliente interminable, por otro lado, en 1 hora de uso fácilmente puedes consumir hasta 13 KWh.Como verás, decidirte por este calentador depende de un cuidadoso análisis, solo es adecuado para situaciones MUY particulares.
Bien armado y empaquetado, trae todo lo que necesitas para una instalación de tubería de 1/2 pero trae unas tuercas de cobre para adaptarse, aunque no se mucho de fontanería fue sencillo, bien apretado y ya no hubo fugas. Lo instale dentro de mi lavandería cerca de mi centro de carga, ya contaba con mi voltaje 220 de la CFE en Mx. Compré el cable #6 que se recomienda y un interruptor doble de 60amp también que se recomienda, canaleta de 1pulgada y unos adaptadores para la tubería ya que me agarre de las llaves del fregadero y fue sencillo. Vi varios tutoriales de instalación de boilers eléctricos y no me quedo dudas de la instalación eléctrica, dos fases y una tierra, mi padre y yo lo pusimos, sin problemas y no somos eléctricos mi plomeros. Lo hemos probado con las dos regaderas que son ahorradoras y estan en planta alta, funciona bien, pero no da para más, porque saldría muy poca agua si se abre un lavabo, pero el agua llega caliente. Esperamos que dure mucho, si lo recomiendo para aquellos que no quieren instalar gas natural en su casa, sale practicamente lo mismo que el contrato, mejor instalar esto y te evitas de pagar por dos años.
Ecosmart 11 works well in Nanaimo, Canada. Our water can get down to 2 C! A must is a water restrictor in the winter!!! 2 gpm is warm... 1.75 nice temp... 1.5 or less hot! and less then 1 gpm really hot!!! Important to have plumber rap 6-10 coats of Teflon tape around water line connections directly on unit; the threading on the bras fitting is milled too much... Space saved is great!!! I'm saving at least $0.20 a day on heating water I don't use. 365 X $0.20 = $73 of wasted heat! Recommend getting larger unit in cold climate. Install cost are going to be expensive... Better to just in stall low flow shower heads etc... I like mine!Up date: February 2020 I just installed 1 gpm shower head restrictor and they work awesome with the Moen shower wand that was 2 gpm. My thermal imaging camera showed 5C water jumped to 49C at shower head!!! I'm down to $0.12 per ten minute shower now and don't notice a huge difference in water reduction...
Worked great for about 2-3weeks. Then it started making a humming noise the manual said could be expected. Then it stopped entirely. We are a 3 heated water faucet household with only 2 people. No dishwashers, no laundry machines just two sinks and a bathtub in our little cottage. The demands placed on this were not unreasonable.The initial contact with the repair technician was helpful and polite, she send me the wires for the temperature regulator and suggested I disconnect the old wires to see if that would work. No children in this house, so it seems safe enough. The heaters continued producing water for approximately 12 hours. Then ice cold. After waiting another 3 weeks for the part to be delivered I installed the new wires and still it didn’t work. I was instructed to use a voltammeter to check the heater. These aren’t your typical house owner requests and I’m fortunate to have an electrician for a neighbour or I would have to be paying a professional their asking wage to accomplish this. They wanted Oms and Voltage. I acquired both and hooked up the old water tank in the meantime to ensure we still had hot water. Upon calling to report my findings the next technician requested I obtain another reading with the water running again. I informed her I had already acquired the reading prior to calling. She then asked if I had performed “Routine maintenance.” When I inquired what the routine maintenance is on a only now 6 week old unit. She dropped that topic. Everything about this feels like a goose chase, I asked about the possibility of this being a lemon unit and the possibility of a replacement as I do actually want the tankless system, not the monster hot water tank. Her response was only if I had filled out the warranty registration online and reconnected the water lines. This is now twice I’ve had to empty and then move the hot water tank just to try to get this unit running. A month of waiting for parts and when I followed the original instructions For obtaining the voltage readings BEFORE disconnecting the hot water tank I was told to do it again and ensure I had registered the product online as they didn’t receive the paper warranty registration. Should’ve bought locally so I could return this, but Amazon only gave me 3 days after delivery for a return window. Very disappointing overall.
Este calentador se conecta a 240v MONOFASICO que no es el voltage que se instala en las casas de Mexico que es de 110v. Los únicos que lo pueden usar, además de casas en Europa y algunos lugares de Asia, son industrias que tienen instalación trifásica de 440v.

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EcoSmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 18 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology


User reviews

Excellent Product, Unmatched Quality at a very reasonable price ***One year update. The GoodAs for the item itself I would only suggest that the purchaser make sure they have sized the unit correctly for their needs and have taken their area's ground water temp into account. The unit has a sublimely simple design and its shell is both space efficient and cosmetically pleasing. Unlimited hot water is a decadent luxury and Ecosmart makes it affordable to all. My lady is finally able to take her time wash and shave without ever running out of hot water (yikes for my water consumption). Regarding water consumption I'v found that this unit works amazingly well with the "Spa Fire-Hydrant" shower head, Economy and Performance.The BadThis pertains to the install process and NOT the unit. -- The plumbing is very straight forward and should be doable by a moderately experienced DIY'er with basic plumbing tools and a little soldering know-how. The electrical work is also not very difficult, BUT requires two Double-Pole 40-Amp Breakers and sufficient sized service to handle the unit (which is actually comparatively large). But if you've got the space or are willing to upgrade your electric service, this item is a must-have.Final WarningThe large cost for this unit will come from the install by licensed professionals without which you cannot quality for the lifetime Warranty, My advice (if you are not planning to install yourself) would be to get quotes for the install (both plumbing and electrical) and compare those numbers to the cost of the unit if you end up paying more for the install than the unit is worth you might be better off forgoing the warranty because if you do have a problem it would still be cheaper to by a replacement unit.***One year UpdateI've had this unit for a year now and recently blew a heating element, (an issue caused by a plumbing change and NOT the unit itself). I only bring it up because its a bit of a pain to have to order a replacement from Eco-Smart since no other place I found (Even Amazon!**(CAN be purchased on amazon now)) carries this odd element size (9kW 240v Screw-In). So I would suggest having a spare on hand to avoid the shipping time wait if it becomes necessary. Also having seen first-hand what kind of scale and build-up can occur at tragic speeds on the heating elements, do yourself a favor and drop the extra $65 on the recommend 'Aqua-pure' scale inhibitor. Most users can only tell you that it seems to work having nothing to compare it against. I have seen both sides and it makes a world of difference! Aside from that, I am Extremely happy with this purchase, there is no going back in my household, Even with my girlfriend's new 45-minute long shower ritual (compared to the 25ish she use to get), I have seen a consistent 20-30% electric consumption drop when compared to the two years proceeding it. So my unit will have paid for itself after another year of usage. If your experience is anything like mine you will NOT be disappointed with this unit, so I'd say buy with confidence***5-year UpdateAt the 5 year mark, I have been through 2 heating elements (since installed) and always keep 2 on hand to be prepared. I am positive that the unit has paid for itself at least twice and is still working strong. There is absolutely no going back to a standard tanked unit. Until a recent trip out of town in a hotel shower, I'd completely forgot about running out of hot water. The moment this unit breaks I'm replacing it with an identical unit. (A decision made over 2 years ago) every home owner should have one of these units. Save space, save money, and enjoy your unlimited hot water as a bonus for your wonderful investment!*** 10-year update,Just blew another heating element (5 in total now after a decade), and they are now available for purchase on amazon! My unit is STILL running strong and my girlfriend has built her own home and installed an Eco27 (As I mentioned, once you've experienced unlimited hot water there's no going back). This device has already well exceeded my expectations and I'm overjoyed to give an amazing review. Love this product and WILL buy again in the home I'm planning to build.
Great Product Bring on the Savings. Reason(s) for purchase: 1. Save $ on energy cost 2. Our tank water heater wasn't getting the water hot enough (could have been goingout or was adjusted IDK) 3. Free up some valuable real estate in our laundry room (more like a closet)So, I managed to buy this model for $360 brand new. I had originally paid $505 and was on amazon about a week later and noticed that thisproduct was on sale as Amazon's deal of the day. Sent the other one back and bought the sale one lol. I decided to go with thisparticular model because I would much rather have too much than not enough. It's all about the incoming temperature and living in Hawaiithis product should do the job for us (4bd 3bth).I will update on actual savings in $ but keep in mind that each state charges differentamounts per kWh (Hawaii charges x3 of the national avg. so savings may appear more drastic) and families use different amounts ofhot water, but at least it will give you an idea.Pros: -Unlimited hot water -Supposed to save $ on energy -Frees up valuable space -Looks ModernCons: -Initial cost may be more than tank (will recoup $ over time) -In order to keep warranty must be installed professionally -Requires three 40 amp double pole breakers -Most likely need new electrical wiring ran -Seems to take a bit longer for hot waterInstall: Install "can" be fairly simple for the average DIYer if you can follow instructions and a few safety guidelines. The hardestpart is running the wiring to the electrical panel. Everything else is pretty easy. If your breaker box is in the same room as yourplumbing the install should be cake. Just make sure that your work is done to code. Wife and I installed it together (she helped run theelectrical wiring to the breaker box). Ours was across the room in the hallway. It actually took us two days working a couple of hoursto run our electrical (a different story for another day). After running the electrical it probably took me 30 minutes to an hour tofinish the rest (installing breakers, mounting and wiring the heater)After use: We have only been using it for about 3 or 4 days now and it is going to take some getting use to. The water definitely getshotter than it did before. The hotter water was the first thing that the wife noticed, but it does seem to take a bit longer to gethot water to the faucets. Not a lot of extra time but it's noticeable, but other than that I have no complaints. That's not even acomplaint..... More of an observation.Bottom line: I plan on installing one of these in our next home. I recommend this product to any who is debating whether or not to buya tankless water heater. Just do your research and makes sure that it will fit your needs. My wife regretted this purchase after havingto bust holes in our walls/ceiling and realizing how much work it was for us. Now that it's done she tells me all of the time that sheis glad that we installed our new tankless water heater. Plus it does everything that we wanted it to do.Update: Product is still working flawlessly and I haven't noticed any light flickering at all. Plus I am running this on a 150 amp service, but my incoming temperature will always be 60-70 degrees F all year round so shouldn't come close to maxing this thing out. After 1 1/2 months of service this is what I noticed: 1. Saved $14 on first full electric bill 2. Almost seems like a waste whenever I wash my hands because by the time the water gets hot I am long gone unless hot water is already in the lines (not the machines fought). I thought about purchasing some point of use heater but changed my mind (not my forever house) 3. Love the bit of extra space in the laundry room. Feels more like a laundry room now that we can actually fit some clothes baskets in there. 4. Wife still enjoys it quite a bit. We even turned it down to 115 degrees. I was hoping to save more per month but even at this rate it would pay itself off in about 4 years or so (including everything....wiring, drywall to patch, texture, paint, valves and filter= Roughly $600 ). Not bad....Hoping next month we notice more savings. Will see I guess. Either way this product performs as advertised. Highly satisfied.
Yo tiene un condominio en Mexico y este calentador tiene suficiente agua por los 4 duchas aqui sin problema.El mejor que lo conosco.
After some conversations with the Ecp Smart company, and a few emails, I order one. The unit was delivered faster than expected. It seems to work only fantastic! Electric hookups took about 90 minutes, and copper work took me about 4 hours with trip to hardware store for parts I didn't have on hand. If you're handy, and are familiar with plumbing and electrical, you can do this no problemo! I installed my first HWT at the age of 10 unsupervised, so this was an easy job. I ordered the 27 instead of the 24 because it was cheaper, and I have the available electrical supply-otherwise the 24 would have done the job. In fact, the 18 would have been fine too.This is installed in our cottage which is used only about 5 months out of the year, and mostly on the weekends (Friday-Sunday). I say that to clarify that it is not being used in a house 7 days a week with large hot water requirements. There is one lavatory, one shower and a kitchen tap. We do not have a washing machine at the cottage. There are only 3 of us. Using all 3 taps at the same time, we have plenty of hot water. The unit is set at 120 degrees F. We live in rural Manitoba, and the well water coming out of the ground is about 37 degrees F. COLD! The unit has no problem making enough HOT water.The unit is absolutely quiet. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if I needed one. I installed a water softener to treat out hard water which was 390 mg/L. Manufacturer suggests no higher than 200.I did consider getting 2 smaller units to place one in the kitchen, and the other in the utility room for the washroom. If it was new construction, I think I would do that instead, rather than using one unit to take care of all locations, quick fix way. But, you do have to wait to get the hot water from the unit to the faucet-just like you do with a HWT. Installing one in the kitchen would have taken care of the wait!I will be blowing out he unit in the fall after I do an internal vinegar wash as suggested by the manufacturer.Making the 2 connections leak proof was a challenge though, using the Webstone 44043PR IUPS Isolator valves. in the directions, it says not to use teflon tape or pipe dope. I'll guess the reasoning is that they don't want ANY tape or pipe dope debris in the heating elements. I get that. BUT, the fitting to hold with a wrench at the bottom of the unit is really tough to hold onto, and even though the metal cabinet fits fairly snuggle around that fitting, you cannot rely on it to hold the fitting tight while you are super tightening the connections. After 3 failed attempts, I carefully used teflon tape, keeping it about 2 threads away from the open ends of the pipes. One slip of the wrench, and you could probably write the unit off. I would suggest better placement of the fittings at the bottom of the unit, by making them 1/2" longer or beefing up the bottom of the cabinets that the fittings are securely held in place, or considering a shark bit type of fitting.Hopefully this unit will last as long as the 28 year old HWT it replaced!
The idea was to use it to heat Chanelles Granny flat water system, I had to return the eco smart 18water heater. As it was too powerful for our needs. We opted instead for the ecosmart 11, hot water unit which suited our needs more adequately. We received the unit 18 unit in good stead then returned it with the blessing of the agents for the unit. I ordered the 11 unit which has arrived at our FedEx delivery facility and awaiting our pickup. All in all great experience with the company and all personal involved in the adventure thank you all so much for your patience and understanding and support Godbless everyone till next time Arohanui E’Kare’s = much love dear friends. John Hone Edwards’s Eruiti.
I bought the Ecosmart Eco 27 a month ago to replace a Hubbell 280-3 tankless heater that LITERALLY blew up catastrophically. (You can read more about this below if you are interested).I have to say that this unit is head and shoulders above the Hubbell products in a number of ways and if you are in the market for a tankless heater I'd strongly recommend staying away from Hubbell after my experience.Overall, this unit does a great job in coastal British Columbia where inlet water temperatures in winter are 50 degrees F or below. Unlike the Hubbell unit, it doesn't struggle to put out 140 degree water with a faucet fully open. The Hubbell never achieved this kind of performance even in the summer months even though it was exactly the same power. Of course, if you open multiple faucets or showers you are likely to see a drop in the temp but most people do not require 140 degree water and should have little problem.The controls on the unit are easy to use but you may need to go to the Ecosmart website to find full instructions as the Owner and Maintenance (O&M) Manual they provide doesn't describe things like trouble shooting and the various Error messages you can get. But they are on the website.The Eco 27 digital display only lights up when there is a demand for water, and the temperature display can be switched quickly from F to C just by pressing the main rotary temp control knob. Pressing and holding the knob brings up further information including inlet and outlet temp and flow rate. All very easy to access. (Not nearly as easy on the Hubbell)I installed this unit myself and as you can see in the photo had to install an additional electrical sub-panel in order to comply with the need for three separate 40 Amp breakers because my main panel didn't have enough space to add extra breakers. Not that difficult if you know what you're doing but it did add about $150 to the cost for the sub-panel, breakers, and cabling. Conveniently, the spacing of the inlet and outlet connections is exactly the same as the Hubbell unit so I only had to do minimal plumbing work. Additionally, the mounting holes are at 16" centres so it can be mounted to standard wall studs.Lastly but certainly not the final or least great feature of the Eco 27 heater was the price which is about 1/3rd that of the Hubbell 280-3 it replaced. As I mentioned previously, the Hubbell blew up and the price I was quoted to replace JUST the heating chamber on it's own was DOUBLE the total price of the Eco 27!!So, overall, I've been very impressed by this unit.For those interested, my Hubbell 280-3 caused me a number of problems over the years including the fact the the original flow meter was made of a hard plastic compound and when I disassembled the unit in order to replace burned-out heating elements, the threads crumbled and rendered the unit unusable due to leakage. I finally replaced the flow meter with a newer brass-bodied unit (that on it's own costs about 1/4 of the total price of the Eco 27) but when I turned the unit back on one of the heating elements burned a hole the size of a pea through the side of the heating chamber in what was, literally, a catastrophic explosion. Very fortunately, I was standing right by the heater when this happened and was able to shut off the power and the water otherwise significant damage from flooding or fire could have resulted.What makes this failure most alarming is that, when I contacted Hubbell about it they admitted that they KNEW this could happen but fail to mention it in the O&M manual! I was using the unit 100% in accordance with the manual and yet it still blew up.To make matters worse, once this issue came to light Hubbell completely stopped communicating with me, taking absolutely no responsibility for the fact that their unit can fail catastrophically in normal use. Buyer Beware!!
Tengo un poco mas de 9 meses usandolo en casa, donde hay 2 baños completos mas el servicio del sink y todo a funcionado sin problemas, cabe mencionar que la distancia maxima del boiler al servicio mas alejado son unos 8 metros, el otro baño a unos 4 metros y el sink mas o menos igual distancia, es raro cuando se usan todos los servicios a la misma vez, asi que no se que tanto baje el rendimiento, probare y les actualizo, lo que me agrada de este boiler de paso, es que si permite regular el agua caliente y fria como si fuera uno de tanque, asi que bastante satisfecho con la compra de este equipo!Actualizando hoy 28 Nov, 2023, el boiler sigue funcionando sin problemas, ambos baños pueden usarse a la vez y no hay perdida de agua caliente, sigue funcionando como la primera vez y hasta el día de hoy, ya casi 4 años, no ha fallado ningún componente.

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