Breakthrough in Broadcasting in India: Trials for Direct-to-Mobile Streaming Technology to Begin in 19 Cities

In a groundbreaking development, mobile users may soon find themselves empowered to stream videos without the need for a SIM card or an active Internet connection. The advent of Direct-to-Mobile (D2M) broadcasting is on the horizon, and Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apurva Chandra recently announced that trials for this home-grown technology would soon commence in 19 cities.

Reserving Spectrum for D2M Technology: Addressing a Broadcasting Summit, Chandra made a compelling case for reserving the 470-582 MHz spectrum for the emerging D2M technology. He emphasized that a shift of 25-30 percent of video traffic to D2M could significantly relieve congestion in 5G networks. This move is poised to not only accelerate the nation’s digital evolution but also democratize content delivery.

Nationwide Impact and Reach: Highlighting the potential of D2M technology, Chandra stated that it could effectively reach nearly 8-9 crore “TV Dark” homes across the country. With only 190 million households in India having television sets out of the total 280 million, the widespread adoption of D2M can transform content accessibility.

Smartphones as Key Enablers: With 80 crore smartphones in the country and a staggering 69 percent of user-accessed content in video format, the heavy reliance on video has led to mobile network congestion, causing buffering issues. D2M technology aims to alleviate this challenge, ensuring a smoother and buffer-free streaming experience.

Technology Overview: Developed collaboratively by Saankhya Labs and IIT Kanpur, the D2M broadcasting technology leverages terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure and utilizes spectrum allocated to public broadcasters. This enables the direct transmission of video, audio, and data signals to compatible mobile and smart devices.

Transformative Potential: The adoption of D2M technology promises transformative benefits, including cost reductions in data transmission and access. Moreover, it aims to enhance network efficiency and resilience, potentially laying the groundwork for a nationwide emergency alert system. With the capacity to reach over a billion mobile devices, the D2M technology signifies a paradigm shift in the way content is delivered, promising a more inclusive and accessible digital future. Stay tuned as trials unfold, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of mobile video streaming technology.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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