CES 2020: These 5 innovations will make people with disabilities self-reliant, common people will be able to do all the work

In addition to smart vehicles, smart home products, fitness gadgets at the biggest electronic show CES 2020, such gadgets were also in the headlines which were specially made for the differently-abled. In the show, many companies introduced many innovations including Smart Gloves, Autonomous Wheelchairs, Robotic Hands, which will enable the Divyang to live like ordinary humans.

These five smart innovations will become the support of Divyang

  1. Prosthetic Hands: This robotic hand will work by thinking

The Brenco company introduced the final version of its prosthetic hand at CES 2020. This AI-powered prosthetic hand works through the signals of the user’s brain waves and muscles, that is, it will work with the user’s thinking. With this, users will be able to easily do things like painting, writing and playing musical instruments. The company said that it has received recognition from the Food and Drug Administration. It will cost up to about 7 lakh rupees.

2. Ladroller: This wheelchair changes its shap

The Ladroller Company presented its shape-changing wheelchair at the show which would prove to be extremely useful for the differently-abled. While the traditional wheelchair is always in the seating position, the user can change shape as per his convenience in the load roller. It comes from the seating to the standing position in a few seconds. It is also able to cross obstacles such as speed breakers, stairs.

Smart Gloves: Paralyzed people will also be able to play games

The neofact company introduced its smart gloves at the show. This will help people overcome problems like stroke and paralysis. The user can play the game by connecting these gloves to the app. It will help people recover from a stroke by remotely connecting to the therapist.

Teslasoot VR Gloves: Keeping a close eye on health

Teslasoot introduced its VR Gloves on the show. The company has named it Teslasoot Gloves. This not only gives the user a feel of virtual texture but also collects biometric data. Earlier the company had also made Teslasoot which was for the whole body. Tesla Gloves training, medical rehabilitation will be used in many professional applications. Many technologies have been used in it, with the help of which gives the feeling of touching and holding things. It captures hand motions as well as gathers biometric information including pulse.

S-Pod: This two wheelchair makes balance itself

The show at the Segway Ninebot lifted the curtain from S-Pod. It is a self-balancing chair with an egg-like shape. It is designed as a personal transporting pod. The company says that it can be used in airports, theme parks and shopping malls. Apart from this healthy person, Divyang can also be used to roam in places like parks, airports and malls. It is 40 km Moves at a speed of It has only two wheels, which itself makes its balance.

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