Choosing the Perfect Smart TV: Google TV vs Android TV vs WebOS TV

Friends, if you are thinking of buying a good smart TV in 2024 and are confused about whether to buy Google TV, Android TV, or WebOS TV, then to remove your confusion, I will tell you which smart TV is for you. The best.

When we go to buy a new TV, we keep in mind that its picture quality should be good, sound quality should be strong, and HDR should be comfortable, but the most important specification is the operating system of a TV i.e. O which is the function of a smart TV. There is a brain that makes the experience of your smart TV fun like the experience of Google TV will be different from Android TV and the experience of Android TV will be different from WebOS TV.

So today we will tell you which TV should you buy according to your needs and usage.

First of all, let’s talk about Android TV vs Google TV

As the name suggests, Android TV is an operating system created by Google. Understand that the Android in your mobile phone is exactly the same. In this, you get to see many features like games, apps, and voice assistants. Along with this, Android TV has its own ecosystem, that is, if you use an end phone or tablet, then you can control your Android TV from those devices also and with the help of the built-in Chromecast feature, you can watch the content very easily. You can stream from your phone on your Android TV.

Now let’s talk about Google TV. Actually, you can see all these features of Android on Google TV also, but because GOOGLE TV is the up-to-date version of Android TV, hence you get to see some additional features and good user experience in GOOGLE TV.

  1. Google TV recommends content to you according to your browsing history. So the same Android TV shows you content based on your subscription.
  2. The second difference is Parental Control which you get more advanced and better in Google TV. Because in Google TV you can create multiple child profiles and restrict the content according to you in all of them.
  3. The third difference is live broadcast content. Because in Google TV you get a dedicated Live TV tab in which you can enjoy live streaming.
  4. The fourth difference is the visual interference of both, which you get a little better and advanced in Google TV because with the help of AI, Google’s interface focuses a lot on your personalized content.
  5. Google has recently talked about launching generative AI, which will be a new revolution in the world of artificial intelligence. If in the coming time, Google brings Generative AI to Smart TV, then nothing will be better than this.

Friends, if you want to buy a normal smart TV in which you get all the important things, then you can buy an Android TV, but if you are really thinking of spending so much money and want to have the best TV experience, then this is for you. You can get Google TV.

Now friends, some more addon features are available in Google TV, Alexa built-in is available in brands like Sony, and options like Apple AirPlay 2 are available, which are not available in other small companies, so you can control them from iPhone and You can also control with Alexa.

Now let’s talk about Google TV VS WebOs TV’s web operating system which we know as Webos.

If we talk about its history, WebOS was specially created by Palm company which was later bought by HP. And WebOs were bought by LG from HP. So it is clear that you will get to see webos in LG Smart TV.

But we will have to find out how smart and advanced it is and how better it is than Google or Android TV. To know this we brought LG’s C3 OLED TV.

LG’s C3 OLED TV is based on WebOS only. And as you can see, its user interface is so simple and wonderful that you can navigate very easily. On its home screen itself, you get to see very big icons that make your experience better.

Regarding the content, its web OS understands your weighing pattern and gives recommendations according to what you want to see. Suppose you mostly watch romantic content, then the same content will be suggested to you. If you watch horror, it will suggest horror.

However, if we talk about content discovery, then Google TV gives you the option of content from various platforms, including OTT platforms, it also gives a streaming option and you can watch some popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + in WebOS. are found. But the LG content store of WebOS serves you only a limited content platform. Meaning, that there are very few apps but you can find some popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Zee 5, and Jio Cinema in WebOS.

But recently you are going to see LG WebOs in third-party brands also because LG has made WebOS open source. This means that there was an issue of limited content in which apps were not available, now developers have started creating them and you will get many apps in the coming days.

In WebOS, you also get some ADDITIONAL features like its Magic Remote. You can control the cursor by simply moving it in the air, which is a very unique feature, you do not get this experience in Google TV or Android TV. The second is the ThinQ AI feature of webOs, in which you can give basic voice commands like changing channels, adjusting volume, launching apps, and such tasks.

But Google TV’s voice assistant is more specific and understands language than Thinq. Well, there is another difference which is quite good and you can see it on websites. That is, that is the built-in Alexa voice service in webOS. You can order Alexa while sitting, “Alexa, put on a Comedy movie” and your order is completed.

Friends, you also get inbuilt Alexa voice support in Google TV but only in limited brands like Sony TV in which you can also enjoy Apple Airplay.

I remembered from Apple Airplay that on all TVs of webOS, you can enjoy content streaming, music streaming, games, audio, video, podcasts, and video podcasts, along with this, the option of Apple Airplay is available. And you can also enjoy multi screens at the same time which you do not get to see on Google TV.

Friends, another major difference you can see between webOS and Google TV is the inbuilt Chromecast feature. Unfortunately, you do not get the Chromecast feature in webOS.

But friends, there is good news for the fans of webOS. If you have webOS 14 or you are thinking of getting webOS 14, then you do not need to worry about the inbuilt Chromecast feature because you will get to see the inbuilt Chromecast feature in webOS 14.

So now you can easily stream content in webOS 14 from your mobile or device.

If we talk about performance, from my personal experience the performance of webOS is much better. I liked its quick response and smooth interface very much, we also did gaming in it which was absolutely top-notch, and the Think AI in it very smartly manages the apps and other features for you so that you can enjoy the hassle-free smart TV, so according to me WebOS gives better performance. Overall, both LG’s webOS and Google TV will give you an amazing experience. So if you buy any of these TVs, you will not regret it.

But my job is to choose from these and tell you, so friends, according to me, you can make up your mind about Google TV.

But if you want to take webOS, then it has many amazing features, you can also take it.

Friends, if you have any questions or confusion, you can ask me by commenting.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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