Co-founder said – Zuckerberg became more powerful than needed, the company needed to share

Facebook’s co-founder Chris Hughes warns that the company’s head Mark Zuckerberg has become stronger than he needed. So now it is necessary to share the Facebook. Hughes blamed that Facebook either buys its competitors or imitates them, so that they dominate the social media area. The investor does not even make money in any rival company, because he knows that he will not last long.

Hughes left Facebook a decade ago

Zuckerberg and Chris Hugh started Facebook together with two other friends in Harvard University in 2004. However, about 10 years ago Hugh had separated himself from the company. At present, he is associated with the organization called the Economic Security Project in the US. This organization is raising demand for universal Basic Income in the country.

Zuckerberg’s impact shocked

In the editorial of The New York Times, Hughes blamed that for promoting Facebook, compromise with the security and civilization of the users. He said, “Zuckerberg’s impact on the world is shocking. They also control Instagram and What’sapp, not just Facebook. The company’s board also works as an advisory committee, and not as a monitor for the tasks of its head. “

Zuckerberg’s control over the expression of people

Hugh alleges that due to Zuckerberg’s policies, there is a greater risk of enterprinarianship (entrepreneurship). This also limits the choices of consumers. He said that the worst effect of Facebook’s growing power is that Mark has unilateral control over the expression of the people. They keep an eye on the conversation of two billion people and also have the power to censor it.

US government should break Facebook

Chris Hugh said that the US government should do two things to reduce the power of Facebook. First of all, eliminate Facebook’s monopoly and run it according to the rules so that it can be more accountable to Americans. He appealed to the government to separate Instagram and Whatsapp from Facebook and stop any new acquisition of the company for some years. This will benefit Facebook and it will be able to benefit greatly by investing in new technology.

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