Crackers can be purchased from the app and website, getting up to 75% discount here; Big advantage over combo pack

The joy of Diwali does not come until the firecrackers are fired. Light and noise of colorful firecrackers in the sky doubles the fun of this festival. Fireworks prices have skyrocketed. At the same time, good quality crackers are very expensive. However, they can be purchased at a discount from the online market. There are many websites and apps that sell crackers online. These include many crackers like Phuljhadi, Pomegranate, Chakri.

How to get online crackers

Go to Google and search by writing ‘diwali crackers online’. After which the list of many websites selling online firecrackers will come. It includes many websites like cockbrand, shopcrackersonline, sonyfirework, sivakasipataka, festivezone. However, it is not necessary that all websites deliver crackers at your location. For this, please check your website by putting your location.

Big Discount on Fireworks

A firecracker selling website offers discounts up to several times. Crackers on festivezone are getting up to 75% cheaper than MRP. At the same time, some websites are offering discounts on total selling by you. That is, the discount will be decided on the basis of how much you shopped. Like, 10% discount on 5000.

Advantage in combo offer: 6 combo offers are also available on the festivezone website. Its starting price ranges from Rs 2900 to Rs 17636. The smallest combo is called Kids. There are a total of 27 packets of 14 items. It has different firecrackers according to the children.

Buy crackers from apps

There are many such apps on the Google Play Store, with the help of which firecrackers can be ordered at home. For this, search for ‘diwali crackers shopping’ on play store. There are many apps like AnilCelebrations, Peacock Crackers, YRS Crackers. The quality of firecrackers can also be detected by looking at the reviews and ratings of users on these apps. Many firecrackers like Phuljhadi, Pomegranate, Chakri are also found here.

Firecrackers are also available on Flipkart

Fireworks are also being found on e-commerce website Flipkart. However, the variety of firecrackers is less here. On Flipkart, customers will get big discounts on crackers.

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