Cyber Criminals Can theft You With These 8 Ways

The tax season has not started yet, but it does not mean that cyber criminals can not get your information. They can be trapped with phones or the most popular ways your web via email. You also understand them and beware of this:

  1. RBI, government agencies and banks have warned about such emails for years, but despite this, this big problem remains. Many fake emails are sent, which they think that are sent by the RBI or your bank. In this you are asked to update your account by visiting a website. After visiting the website, you are asked to share personal information.
  2. The fraudsters call to common people as the RBI officials and ask them for information. Such people first raise some information about you and then call you afterwards. That’s because you believe in their claim to be from RBI. Recently many such incidents have come up. Keep in mind that the Reserve Bank never contacted people and sought information.
  3. Hacking, data breach or phishing emails can help criminals steal your information. In such a situation, if they have your PAN number and some important information they can file fake tax returns in your name.
  4. There is also a fraud as a tax adviser. They can prepare loss reports in tax returns to digest your refund. The way to avoid this is that you should know about the tax payer. Also, it must be seen once before the file is filed.
  5. Anyone from a public Wi-Fi network can access your data. So do not ever file a tax file by sitting in a coffee shop. Neither do any work related to the bank. You can use a VPN to avoid them.\
  6. If you have not participated in any lottery, do not click on the link given in any such email, in which you are being congratulated to win the attractive prize. Think twice before clicking on such a link, because it may be downloading a software in your system, which can access all your private data to cyber criminals.
  7. Since banks have many tools to avoid theft or any other kind of fraud, criminals are now targeting companies. Just like a company’s HR gets leased from the CEO, where tax information for all employees is sought. This email is actually sent by a cyber criminal. He hacks the CEO’s account and sends email.
  8. The Income Tax Department has started using email to reach taxpayers, but it has got a new opportunity in the hands of hackers. Many emails coming to you on the name of Income Tax Department may be fake. If you believe that the tax mail sent in the email is not correct, contact your nearest Income Tax Department office before paying it.
Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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