Deals in Jio-Microsoft, Startup along with small and medium businessmen of the country will get the benefit

The 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) took place today (12 August) in Mumbai. The company made several big announcements at the event, including the Jio GigaFiber service. This will be the fastest internet service in the country. On the other hand, Mukesh Ambani, CMD of the company, said that there has been an agreement between Jio and Microsoft. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also spoke through video. After this agreement, Jio will open data centers across the country.

Special things related to the agreement

  • Jio will provide its internal workforce with cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools with Microsoft 365 and transfer its non-network applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Jio’s connectivity infrastructure, which aims to connect everyone, everywhere, everywhere, will promote the adoption of the Microsoft Consumer Cloud-platform within the growing ecosystem of startups as part of the Jio Cloud First strategy.
  • Jio will set up data centers in locations across India with next-generation compute, storage and networking capabilities, and Microsoft will implement its Azure platform to support Jio offerings to support Jio’s offerings. Initially, two data centers will be installed in which 7.5 MW power-consuming IT equipment will be installed. These first two data centers are being set up in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. They are targeted to be fully operational in the calendar year 2020.
  • Jio will leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to develop innovative cloud solutions focused on the needs of Indian businesses. Through the solutions developed by these Jio:
  1. Indian startups will have access to efficient and affordable cloud infrastructure and platform services, enabling them to develop innovative products and services faster and more cost-effectively.
  2. Small and medium businesses in India will have access to cloud-based productivity, collaboration and business applications, including Microsoft 365, enabling them to compete more effectively in the Indian market.
  3. Large companies will be able to accelerate their own digital transformations by leveraging new Jio solutions that can work with Microsoft offerings already in use within many large enterprises today.
  4. Partner EcoSystems in India will have the opportunity to take advantage of Jio’s new offers to meet the unique needs of its customers and grow their businesses rapidly.
  • Jio and Microsoft will also work on computer vision solutions for Indian customers. For this, Microsoft will support solution development for Indian languages ​​and dialects, so that all sections of the Indian society can adopt the technology.


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