Discover the Latest LG Soundbar Range for 2023 – Get the Details Here!

LG has launched its 2023 range of soundbars in India, which consists of several models such as the high-end S95QR, SC9S, S75Q, S40Q, and SH7Q. These soundbars deliver an impressive output of up to 810W and feature advanced technologies like Dolby Atmos and Triple Level spatial sound. If you want to know more about these soundbars, keep reading to explore the details

Explore the Specs and Features of LG’s 2023 Soundbar Lineup

LG’s new 2023 soundbar lineup features a premium model, the S95QR, which boasts 9.1.5 channels and an impressive 810W total audio output. This soundbar includes five center up-firing speakers that create an immersive audio experience and provides an enhanced soundstage. Additionally, it comes with rear speakers for a complete sound experience.

Other models in LG’s 2023 soundbar range include the SC9S with 3.1.3 channels and 400W of output, the S75Q with 3.1.2 channels and 380W output, and the S40Q with 2.1 channels and 300W output. Finally, the SH7Q offers 5.1 channels and an 800W output.

LG’s S95QR, SC9S, and S75Q soundbars offer a range of advanced features, including Meridian support, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX. They also come equipped with Triple Level Spatial Sound technology for a more immersive 3D surround sound experience. Additionally, these soundbars offer a Smart Up-Mixer feature, which converts any audio source into surround sound.

Other notable features of these soundbars include 4K/120Hz pass-through with Dolby Vision and HDMI (eARC) compatibility. The S95QR and SC9S models also support VRR (variable refresh rate) and ALLM (auto low latency mode), making them great choices for gaming enthusiasts.

LG’s 2023 soundbars feature a sensitive receiver that creates a distance between the soundbar, subwoofer and rear speakers without sacrificing sound quality. These soundbars also support Clear Voice Pro and AI Room Calibration Pro features, which enhance the audio based on the dimensions of the room.

Additionally, all five soundbars include the WOW Orchestra feature, which allows users to experience surround sound using their TV speakers. The WOW interface has an updated volume UI design and several sound modes for customization. Furthermore, these soundbars have an eco-friendly design, making them an environmentally conscious choice for consumers.

Price and Availability

LG’s 2023 soundbar lineup includes several models with different price points. The entry-level S40Q is priced at Rs 22,990, while the SH7Q is priced at Rs 47,990. The S75Q is priced at Rs 50,990, and the SC9S is priced at Rs 59,990. The premium S95QR soundbar retails at Rs 1,09,990, although the website lists it at Rs 1,39,990.

The SC9S and SH7Q models will be available for purchase in April 2023, while the other models can currently be purchased through LG’s website.

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