Electricity will now be generated from Wi-Fi signal, without battery devices

Soon, electricity can be generated from Wi-Fi signal soon. The scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of America have created a small machine that will convert the Wi-Fi signal into electricity. They say that with the help of this, any device can be charged without battery. It has been named Rectana. This device can turn into Alternating Current (AC) in Direct Current (DC) in the Wi-Fi signal.

Works like this

  • The Rectana device captures electromagnetic waves in Wi-Fi as AC waves with the help of radio-frequency antennas. It is connected to a two-dimensional semiconductor, which is also very flexible. After that Wi-Fi giving AC waves go into the semiconductor and the DC turns into voltage. They can be used to recharge electronic circuits and batteries.
  • The researcher said that the ‘rectifier’ is needed to convert AC current into DC current. Scientists have told that they have made this antenna with Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) rectifier, which is very thin and flexible. Because of this, it can also cover larger areas.

The output of the Wi-Fi signal will be 30% of its output.

  • Researchers said that when they tested this rectifier made from MoS2, then found that the 150 microwave Wi-Fi signal generated electricity of about 40 microves and so much electricity was enough for any mobile display and silicon chip. That is, as much as the input of a Wi-Fi signal, up to 30% of the output can get it out.
  • According to the researchers, the rectifiers made before they could not work on lower frequencies. For this reason, these rectifiers were not able to capture and replace the GigHartz frequency from the mobile phone and Wi-Fi signal, but the rectifier made from MoS2 is quite fast. Through this, the frequency up to 10 GHz can also be converted into electricity.

It can also be used in a medical device
The researcher at Madrid’s Technical University and co-author Jesus Grayzle of this study said that this device can be installed in a medical device. Dr. Grazal says that “Medical devices have batteries, and therefore you can not use them, because of this there is lithium leaks which can lead to death of the patient. But MoS2 does not have lithium leaks, hence it is used for medical It can also be in the device. “It can also cover larger areas.

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