Face detection lock in the mobile is also not safe, steal one lakh rupees using the face of the sleeping person

Smartphone makers tell face-locking lock more secure. The smartphone which has this technology is more than the normal smartphone. But this technology is not fully proof. There is a case in China where a person’s face was stolen using $ 1,800 (about 1.25 lakh rupees).

In Yunnan province of China, a person named Yuan filed a complaint to the police that $ 1,800 had disappeared from his bank account. After the investigation, it was discovered that his colleagues transferred the money using facial access to the V-Chat app in the phone itself. Both were arrested and Yuan got the money back. But, this whole episode has questioned facial access. Who was the company’s phone to Yuan, it has not been disclosed. An officer related to the investigation of the case said, ‘It seems that Facial Recognition Technology in Yuan’s phone was not reliable. The test we have tested shows that when the person’s eyes are closed, the phone can be unlocked using his face.

In today’s date, the smartphone is made as a branding security feature of Facial Recognition Technology. However, not all smartphone companies use Iris scanning for it. Iris scanning technology is expensive and its cost increases the cost of making smartphones. Also unlike the iris scanning phone, it takes less time to unlock.

Keep using password and PIN for security People: Expert

Tan Jianfeng, Founder of Shanghai Network Security said fingerprint and facial recognition are useful technology, but they can not replace passwords and pins. People should continue to protect personal data and financial information with a password or PIN. He said that once information related to facial recognition is transformed into machine code. If this code gets stolen then it can be misused. You can not change your face or finger print.

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Sachin Gill

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