Facebook will collect voice samples to improve speech recognition system, in return users will get 360 rupees

Social media company Facebook seems to be doing everything possible to improve its speech recognition technology. On Thursday, the company said that it would record voice samples from select users, which would be used to improve the company’s speech recognition system. The company took this decision when Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, including Facebook itself, have been accused of secretly listening to users without their permission to improve the speech recognition system.

Facebook said that these voice recording samples of people will be gathered by the Viewpoints market research app as part of the company’s promotion program. The user will be able to participate in the program only if qualified. Once selected, the user has to say the name of a friend from the friend list by saying ‘Hey Portal’. This has to be done with the names of about 10 friends. At the same time, a statement has to be recorded by speaking twice.

Prerequisite: age 18 and 75+ friends required on Facebook

  1. Facebook said that after completing a set, the user will get 200 points in the Viewpoints app. Only after 1000 points will the user be able to cash them. You will get $ 5 or 360 rupees for getting cash. Every user will get a chance to make five sets.
  2. The company also stated that these voice recordings given by the user will not be connected to the Facebook profile, nor will this viewpoint activity be shared on any other Facebook service without the user’s permission.
  3. Currently, the sponsorship program is only available to US users. Users over 18 years of age who have more than 75 Facebook friends can participate. Facebook is rolling out this program slowly, so it is not available to many users right now.
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