Focus on smart city, companies introduced smart towers which will keep an eye on the city

India Mobile Congress 2019 was the second day on Monday. The second day of the event also dominated 5G technology and related products. The day was particularly focused on smart city products. Reliance Jio and South Korean company Samsung told about the usefulness of 5G technology in the real world. Using the Samsung network, Jio created the world’s largest green-field and all-IP based 4G LTE network, which would benefit 34 million subscribers.

In the event, Jio-Samsung also talked about new business opportunities coming from 5G technology. The company built a dual connected network with the help of 5G NSA mode, advanced 4G LTE and 5G technology. In the event, the company explained how the new innovation in new technology will benefit the customer, company, and society. Jio introduced its virtual classroom technology, with the help of this, students will be able to study like a classroom right from home. Through this technology, students will be able to take 360-degree virtual lectures.

Along with this, Huawei also introduced smart city solutions based on 5G technology, in which smart components will be installed across the city which will convey the information of the city to the control room. Bengaluru-based company Cogno also introduced its smart tower, which would take the information of the occupants to the control room in case of encroachment or no-parking.

Huawei introduced India Centric Solutions based on 5G technology
At the event, Huawei introduced India Centric Solutions based on 5G technology. As the name suggests, it is designed specifically for India. The company introduced 5G Plus Smart City, 5G Plus Safe City, 5G Plus Airport (boarding gate) and 5G Plus Education (and remote classrooms), which would promote the country’s Digital India mission. Along with this, the company introduced Wi-Fi 6 based on Huawei 5G.

5G Plus Smart City 2.0

It will collect and analyze various types of data including cleanliness, traffic from the city’s subsystems so that it can be done faster. It will do real-time resource management and will also show the state of public resources across the city. It will also have facilities such as voice, video, GIS map, call center, the command center.

5G Plus Smart City-Smart Poll

Smart poles will be installed in the city under the Smart City Solution, which will not only serve as lamp posts but will also be equipped with many functions. It will have facilities like smart lighting, wireless networks, video surveillance, billboards, emergency calls, charging.

5G Plus AI Powered Safe City

Huawei’s Intelligent City Surveillance Solution System will be equipped with AI power cameras. This will help keep an eye on sensitive areas from the city as well as help in finding the missing things.

Bengaluru based company Cogno will make the city modern
At present, emphasis is being laid on converting all cities of the country into smart cities. In such a situation, a Bangalore-based company is developing a digital infrastructure. It will gather information from all corners of the city through smart polls across the city. For this, the company has prepared special towers that will work on AI technology. These will be controlled through a control room and data will be collected. Its most special thing is that they have been prepared entirely in India.

Wi-Fi and charging facility will be available in the tower
It is not like a tower with an electricity or telecom company. Today, this tower hosts all the digital technologies that are present in them. In this tower, you can add components as per your wish. It can also be placed above buildings. The tower will be equipped with components including cameras, screens, solar panels, Wi-Fi, drone landing and charging points, e-vehicle charging points.

Concept is like a mobile phone
It works on the concept of mobile phones. For example, after taking the phone, you can download any number of apps in it. You do not have to buy a new phone for every app. Similarly, many things can be added to this tower too. On these, you can add new features according to your need. As you add technology, the height of the tower will increase.

Towers installed in 8 cities of the country
Authorities in many cities have started using this innovation of Cogno Company. These towers have been installed in about 8 cities like Nashik, Hyderabad. These towers can map the entire city and talk about how the drainage system is in the city, what is the condition of the roads, whether the waste disposal is being done properly or not, how much greenery is there, whether there is any encroachment. Many big companies have provided backend software solutions to process the data of these towers. Any number of towers can be installed in cities according to need. The data received from them can be assessed on console panels. These will also include data of people who have not paid taxes, who has parked the car on the road or who is not following the rules. In such a situation, it will be easy for the government to keep an eye on the city and maintain it properly.

Smart City Demo in Hindi

In Hindi


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