Google Launches Gaming Service, Entry Into Online Gaming Market worth 10 lakh crores

Google has also joined the race to take advantage of the growing popularity of cloud gaming. The company has started its gaming service named Stadia. On this platform, users can enjoy video games of console-quality on a web browser or smartphone. The online video gaming market is growing rapidly worldwide. By the end of this year, it will be worth $ 15,000 million (about Rs 10 lakh crore).

The price of the gaming kit is around 9249 rupees

The advantage of cloud gaming is that through this the user can play high-end games without any console. To play high-end games without cloud gaming, one needs to buy a console worth thousands of rupees. Games on the Stadia platform will typically be based on a blockbuster film or a real-life work project. The option of playing on any device makes it attractive.

Google sold founder edition kits last month. It was priced at $ 129 (about 9249 rupees). Each kit includes a Stadia controller and a pendent-sized Chromecast Ultraviolet device. This device plugs directly into the TV set. At the same time, it can be played on the computer via the Chrome web browser.

Also, it can be used on the Pixel smartphone made by Google. For this, a second-generation or above pixel smartphone will be required. The subscription of the Stadia Pro is available in the US at $ 10 per (around Rs 710).

It is currently available in 14 countries in North America and Europe. Google may have high expectations from this service, but analysts are not very confident about it. According to him, platforms like PlayStation are already in a strong position and it will not be easy for Google to challenge them. Experts say that if this service fails, Google will not delay in distance it. According to Ovum’s senior analyst George Jijiashalvi, its success or failure will depend on the content.

Google has just announced 12 game titles for Stadia. It is being told less than expected. Subscribers will also be able to purchase games hosted at the Google data center. Some games will be available for free. It will begin with a game called ‘Destiny 2: The Collection’. Stadia’s service on the smartphone will run on WiFi only.


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