Google Plus and ‘Inbox by Gmail’ service will be closed from April 2, All its features will be available in Gmail.

The search engine company Google is going to completely shut down the Inbox by Google service on March 2, 2014. Although the company had already announced its closure but the date was not disclosed. The same day Google Plus will also be closed. Recently the company has also stopped instant messaging app allo.

The company informed its users about the closure of this service by notification, and also said that all the great features of this service are now available in the Gmail app.

Inbox by Gmail started in 2014

  1. In the year 2014, the company launched its Inbox by Gmail service, which provided many advanced features. Over time, the company started offering this app’s standard feature in Gmail app and also in the web. After which the number of users using Inbox by Gmail started decreasing, perhaps the reason is that the company has decided to close it.
  2. Just a few months ago, the company started giving its remaining features which were previously just inbox in Gmail’s standard app. However, there are still many such features which are in the same Google app in the name of the Inbox and have not made them available in the Gmail app.
  3. In September 2018, the company said through a post that “In four years, we have constantly tried to improve email and we have integrated Popular Inbox Experience into Gmail. Now we are focusing on improving the Gmail app completely and so the inbox has to be called goodbye.
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