Google removed more than 3 million fake business accounts in 2018;

Google has stated on its blog that it had removed more than 30 million Fake Business Profiles from Google Maps last year (2018). The company wrote that these fake accounts were likely to cheat people. Google gives people the connectivity and connectivity services to connect with a business. Google said that many times these businessmen do listing fraud locally to make a profit by cheating.

A product manager at Google Maps Ethan Russell recently said in a blog that these fraudsters, traders, take money from the service that is completely free. Such people call themselves a real businessman and cheat customers. Google uses such technology to prevent the misuse of its platform to a great extent.

Russell further said that last year we have removed more than 3 million fake business accounts. There is more than 90 percent of business accounts that no customer can open. In this entire process, about 85 percent of fake accounts have been removed from our internal system. Customers have reported more than 2.5 million fake accounts.

According to media reports, there are approximately 1.10 million fake listings and phone numbers in Google Maps, which create problems for competing businesses. Responding to this, the company said that local business scammers have been doing this for over a decade through the Internet. Google is working on more and more new and better methods to remove such fake accounts.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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