Google’s AI failed in the 10th Maths Test, only get 14 out of 40 Marks

Most of us think that Google’s AI system will be more intelligent than us but this is not true. Recently, Google’s Premier Artificial Intelligence program Deepmind did not even pass the Maths Test designed for 16-year-old students. Despite being trending in the 10th maths curriculum, this AI system has achieved only 14 out of 40 marks.

It is believed that in the coming days, people will be robots instead of human beings in office and industry, because the robot equipped with AI technology is more sophisticated and more productive, but Google’s AI system fails in the 10th maths test, for one such robot The big question is raised.

The thing that came up after testing

  • According to Depmind’s research released on Tuesday, he trained his AI system’s ugly memory in many maths subjects like algebra, calculus, and probability. However, while testing them, it was revealed that Deepmind has struggled to translate the questions.
  • There was a lot of struggle in solving the problems as seen during the test. There were many words, symbols, and functions in the questions, which were unable to find a depmind actual operation to solve. Since artificial intelligence scans the data in fixed patterns, it is not able to do good in those areas where humans are mastered, especially in converting problems to the equation.
Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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